APT makes dozens of Knee wraps and is known to make some of the best wraps for a long while now. One of these wraps that have set many Squat Records is the Strangulators 3M Knee wraps.
These Wraps are Stiff, Cast like and aggressive. NOT FOR BEGIINNERS or anyone looking for a comfortable wrap. When you’re hitting anything above 90% these should be the wraps you reach for.
I have been using these wraps for over a year and still hitting PR’s in these. They haven’t lost any stopping power or rebound.  Matter of fact unless I’m squatting over 450 I can’t hit depth in these. Many of my other wraps I have used over the years have lost a bit of their shape after a few squat sessions. The Strangulators still look new and haven’t lost any shape to them.
I can wrap these wraps on my own and get a solid cast like effect, but you really got to work at it. If you have a trusted buddy to wrap these for you, better get ready for some bruising and massive Squat PR’s.
These wraps are great for RAW lifters and Multi Ply lifters.
APT Strangulators 3m starting @ $49.75
-Weight 14.52oz
-Length 115in
-Width 3-1/4in
-Thickness 4mm 
-Very Aggressive cast like wrap. Great Stopping and Rebound.