Red Arrow or Blue Arrow 2 Ply Knee Wraps

Red Arrow 2 ply (Single Tab)
Length - 130in
Width - 3in
Weight - 23.24oz / 7.04oz per Meter
10in Stretch Test - 15in

Blue Arrow 2ply (Double Tabs)
Length - 122in
Width - 3in
Weight - 25.46oz / 8.2oz per Meter
10in Stretch Test - 13in

Yes you read it right, these are 2ply Knee wraps. APT is the first to bring such a wrap. Being 2ply, these wraps are twice as thick and can provide twice the support.  These are intimidating wraps for sure, but are not as bad as you would think. The meat of these wraps are 2ply. You can order these to have 1ply tabs on each end to help start or tie off.
Let’s go over each wrap.  

Red Arrow 2ply wraps are the easier ones to use out of these. The first wrap is a little painful but not bad. The edge from being sewn together is a bit stiff. After the first set and a good crank down, they break in and really wrap well. These work well on a wider stance squatter. The thicker material behind the knee might make it extremely hard to hit depth if you have a narrow stance. Only one Tab is needed on these to help tie off.  You can start these wraps without the 1ply tabs.

Blue Arrow 2ply wraps are the Heaviest and thickest Wraps I have ever used or even seen. These are meant only for experienced Wide Stance Squatters only. I would highly recommend you get these with Double Tabs. The Blue Arrows just don’t stretch easy enough to try to do without 1ply tabs. Same with tying these off, you will need the 1ply tabs. If you can’t squat 500 with normal wraps. These might be too much of a wrap for you and I would recommend getting the Red Arrow 2ply.
Blue Arrow 2ply
Red Arrow 2ply Compared to a normal wrap
Has you can see here..Well over 23oz
Nice Close up of the Wraps Material and Sewn edges.
Blue Arrow 2ply close up