BCAA Powder

Axis Labs

I have just recently started using a few of Axis Labs products. I was in the market to try a different BCAA. So I gave Axis Labs N’GAGE BCAA a try. It has a basic 2:1:1 ratio; 5g of BCAA’s with a little Glutamine added for good measure, all in one scoop. Now the average 200 pound active Gym Rat needs 10-15g of Glutamine Daily and about 10g of BCAA’s. Most Proteins out nowadays have Glutamine added and BCAA’s, but they don’t stack up too much. So, many supplement their BCAA’s. Axis Labs like to point out as well that their BCAA isn’t the Cheap BCAA pulled from Hair and Feathers. Their BCAA is 100% from botanical sources called AjiPure and are instantized for maximum bioavailability and absorption.

What are some of the benefits of BCAA’s? They Boost your Immune System, help you recover faster, Stimulate Protein Synthesis, Stimulate Fat loss and has Anti-Catabolic effects. Who doesn’t want all that? Dosage and Timing:I believe the best time to take your BCAA’s is intra-workout. If you are training fasted, it would be a good idea to take some pre-workout as well. A lighter 150lb man won’t need as much as a 240lbs man. Here is a graph to help you figure out how much you need to take daily. Just add those up and remember N’GAGE as 5g in each serving.
Taste: Cherry Lime – Great taste. I enjoy drinking it every time. It doesn’t have an odd taste or chemical taste to it. Like, I have experienced with others.

Mixing: Mixed up better then I any BCAA I have used to date. It’s a very fine powder and every single thing dissolves and mixes perfect. I have had many other brands leave a foamy film on time or have some sediment on the bottom.