APT Pro Lifting Gear

I’ve been using this belt for over a month now and I’m impressed. I wasn’t for sure how much it would help. I’ve had a few Powerlifting belts, but they were all 4in tall and 10-13mm thick. Once I learned to arch during Bench press. It was becoming harder and harder to stay tight and keep balanced. With that full 4in 13mm belt. Arching was not possible and without I would lose my tightness during the pause, but then on the press. I would tighten back up, that moment when I would lose and regain that tightness. My lower back would take a beating.
Just like that 4in Tall Powerlifting belt.

A Weight Lifting belt used correctly allows you to hold that intra-abdominal pressure which stabilizes you and reduces the stress from lifting heavy weights. It has been proven over and over again that wearing a belt can increase your 1RM. “
You can benefit the same way on the Bench press.  If you’re a competitor Powerlifter, you may be leaving pounds on the platform. Why would you do that?

This Bench press belt is 2.5in Tall and 6.5mm thick. I was afraid that the 6.5mm was going to be too thin. I found no issues with the thickness keeping me from staying tight.

So for a RAW lifter having the ability to stay tighter easier without affecting your arch, this gives you a clear advantage.
For a Geared lifter it does that same, but also helps keep that bench shirt pulled down and kept in place.

I have the Basic treated leather Bench Press belt. Nothing fancy here. Overall quality is good, been using it every week and it shows no sign of wear yet. Has you can see in the pictures the stitching and rivets are thick well done. APT Pro Lifting Gear has a ton of belts to choose from and can even customize them how every you like.