The Bench Daddy is a Bench Aid device that can be used to increase your bench press, Reduce stress on your shoulders, blast through sticking points, improve lockout strength and prepare your CNS for heavier loads.
Many of you have seen devices like this, but the Bench Daddy has been being used longer then any other brand out. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense why the Bench Daddy has so many upgrades or advantages over other brands. 

I have owned and used the Titan Super Ram and Regular Ram, Red and Blue Slingshots. The Bench Daddy out shines them all with ease. The Material, Quality and Craftsmanship is much better. The moment you hold one  you feel and see the deffience instantly. 

The first thing you will notice is the openings or Sleeves of  the Bench Daddy. The the   
stitching in the Middle. Makes it Easier to get on and makes getting the right size easier as well. With the others Designs the Sleeves are smaller and if you have Big Arms for your weight or Big Forearms. You have to get a Size up. Which gives you more material in the middle and Less stretch / Less Power from the Device. With the Bench Daddy that is a non-issue.
The  Benefits or Advantages don't stop with just Superior Materials or The Simple Sleeve Design. The one Feature I like the most is the 2-ply option. With the Others and they way they are Design. They can not do what the Bench Daddy Can. 

The ability to change from 1-ply to 2-ply in seconds is awesome and a HUGE plus for anyone looking to bench some BIG numbers. The 2-ply is much stiffer and very aggressive when new. It takes a little time and use to break it in and learn the 2-ply. 

The picture on the left is 1-ply and the picture on the right is 2-ply. It's very simple to switch and use.

The 1-ply is stronger then a Red SlingShot and Titan Super RAM. You will gain at least 20lbs over what they provide. Bench Daddy make a "Gold" one that is a level down from this Green one. Depending on your Goals and what your Max Raw bench is will determine which better suits your needs. IMO if you are an Equip. Lifter or can rep 315+. Go with the Green Bench Daddy, but if your not 100% sure which one will be for you. Get ahold of Mike Womack aka Bench Daddy himself and he will be more then Happy to get you set up.

My first time in using this was after I hit a new Raw PR with a 315 x 4. I then throw on the Green Bench Daddy in the 1-ply and worked up to 425lbs. The most I have ever held in my Hands. It felt awesome and the learning curve is just a few reps.

BUT........The 2-ply Learning curve is a bit longer. The technique is a little different and more like a Shirted bench. The first week using the 2-ply had me worried I would never be able to use it. After 2 weeks though, I started to break it in and figure it out. My best so far in the 2ply is 480lbs and I will be in the 500lbs once I dail it in more.  

My best Raw Bench at that time was 330 lbs. Best with the 2-ply Green Bench Daddy 480 lbs. Thats with less then 3 weeks of using it and figuring it out. Talking about a 140 lbs jump in weights. After that 3 weeks I hit a smooth 340 lbs. So I increased my Raw by 10lbs too.

The last advantage the Bench Daddy has is it is also designed into a bench shirt and Legal in a few Federations. APA in the Multi-ply Class, 365Strong in Single ply and Multi-ply Classes and 2 Feds in Texas. The THSPA & THSWPA.

The Killer-B shirt saved me for my Last Meet. Which was my First Equip. Meet. I have a Titan Super Katana I got months before my meet. I was having a Hard time breaking it in and learning it. Best I got in it was a 405 to touch. I'm still going to cont. to learn the Katana and see what I can really get out of it, but the Killer-B I received just 3 Days before my Meet and Since I already been using the Bench Daddy. I knew how to use the Killer-B.  At that meet I hit a 450 lb on my 2nd attempt. My 3rd I easliy pressed 479 lbs, but came off the Chest quick and lost my groove and the bar re-racked itself at lockout. I tried to stop it from falling back into the rack, but it was no hope. Which of course caused for a missed lift. I was upset, but happy and impressed how quick and easy it went up.