Billet Technology

I bought my car new off the Car lot with only 200 miles on it. Being the first and only owner of my car, gives me the benefit of knowing it’s me doing all the up keep on it. Regular oil changes, the brand and type of oil used, how hard it’s been driven and etc… I wanted to make sure this car would last and one of the first purchases I bought was an Oil Catch can. When looking for an oil catch can for a Mopar. There is only one place to look. Billet Technology (BT). Sure you can buy a cheap $15-20 off E-Bay or Amazon, but they are exactly that cheap and junk. That come with no mounting brackets, they are thrown together with random parts. BT’s oil catch cans are top notch. They were designed for Modern Mopar Drivers by Modern Mopar Drivers. 

If you have never heard of an Oil Catch can well you need to. The oil catch can is placed between your PVC and manifold. The purpose of the can is to Catch oil from the air going through the PVC. This prevents oil from getting into your intake and gumming it all up. So instead of giving your car an oily vapor mixed in with your nice clean air. Which I’ve heard can lower your Octane levels, which in return might suffer performance or mileage. By adding the Catch Can from BT you collect all the oil. Then just check it regularly and dump the caught oil. It’s that simple.
I can’t think of one negative thing to say about BT’s oil Catch Can and why not to run one. For under $100 to extend the life of your car and the knowledge you gain knowing. It’s worth way more than the cost of the Can.  So go over to Billet Technology's and get yourself an Oil Catch can and now your buying the best.