Cellucor B-BCAA

Web Definition: “BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids)
Leucine, Valine, and Isoleucine are called "branch chain" amino due to their molecular structure, and are important essential amino acids well known for their anticatabolic (muscle-saving) benefits. They are called BCAA's because they structurally branch off another chin of atoms instead of forming a line. Studies have shown that BCAA's positively affect skeletal muscle growth, enhance fat loss, help to stimulate protein synthesis and inhibit its breakdown, so BCAA's have powerful anabolic and anticatabolic effects on the body. They may also potentate the release of some anabolic hormones, such as growth hormone. Regular ingestion of BCAA's help to keep the body in a state of positive nitrogen balance. In this state, your body much more readily builds muscle and burns fat. Studies have shown that athletes taking extra BCAA's have shown a loss of more body fat than those not taking BCAA's.

BCAA's are used as a source of energy of muscle cells. During prolonged exercise, BCCA's are released from skeletal muscles and their carbon backbones are used as fuel, while their nitrogen portion is used to form another amino acid, Alanine. Alanine is then converted to Glucose by the liver. This form of energy production is called the Alanine-Glucose cycle, and it plays a major role in maintaining the body's blood sugar balance.”
I’ve done reviews on BCAA before so I’m not going to get into how they are good for you or why you should take them. I will how ever give my opinion on Cellucor brand of BCAA’s. Without having it tested in a Lab. We have to trust supplement companies for what they have listed on the labels. A big flag to me is proprietary blends. You never really know how much you’re getting. Cellucor stepped up can listed each ingredient and the amounts.

Cellucor’s B-BCAA has 10g of BCAA’s in 2 scoops. This is a great dose and above average dosing. What really sets Cellucors off is the added stuff. Beta Alanine doses at 3.2g, Citrulline Malate and α-Hydroxyisocaproic Acid or HICA. HICA has been proven to speed recovery and increase protein synthesis.

Let’s get down to the Flavor and Mix ability of it. I had the Watermelon Flavor. I’ve had many different brands of Pre-Workouts and BCAA’s with this Flavor. Cellucor wasn't much different than others. Taste was a little odd, but I really liked it. Had a different but enjoyable taste. Now when I mixed it with water, there was no surprise here. Everything mixed up in just two shakes of the hand. Didn’t have to pull a 10min Shake-a-weight marathon to get it to mix. There was no funky residue, chunks or film.

Cellucor’s price point is higher then other brands, but has the added Beta Alanine, Citrulline and HICA. At about .99 cents a scoop and if you use 2 scoops each time. It can get a little expensive. Cellucor has good products and this is another solid BCAA supplement. 

So if you’re in the Market for a Quality BCAA. Give Cellucors B-BCAA a try. You won’t be disappointed.