Purus Labs
Condense Pre-Workout

Purus Labs is a Supplement Company that really focuses on producing legit products. They like the fact that they back their ingredients with science, real world testing and proven dosages. If you look at their Nutritional Facts, you won’t see a huge paragraph of ingredients under a proprietary blend. That leaves you guessing how much of what is in it. Many supplement companies like to with pre-workouts, is to load it up with crazy amounts of beta alanine, Caffeine and sometimes Niacin. With little regards to other important ingredients. Also you will see many companies list Creatine in a Pre-workout with a dose that’s so small you could never get an effective dose of creatine from it. They use it as filler and to look cool on the label. Purus Labs has stepped up and actually brought a Pre-Workout that works with no filler, no crazy ads, No outlandish claims, proven ingredients, backed my science and correct dosages. 

Most the ingredients in Condense are your typical ingredients on Pre-Workouts, but they actually list the amounts of each one of those. The one ingredient that isn't typical and really makes this shine is the use of Nitrate. Elite athletes in the past have been slamming beet juice to raise Nitrite levels. Nitrate turns into Nitrite in the mouth by bacteria. Then from there it produces NO and has many other benefits.
(1 of the Beneifits of Nitrates)

“reduction in muscle phosphor-creatine concentration by 35% and reduced the exercise associated oxygen cost by 25%.”

What this means the ATP Storages are sustain for a 35% longer period of time and you are basically using oxygen 25% more effective than before. 

Here is a link more on Nitrates..

What did Condense do for me? I only have a hand full of Pre-workouts I like and I have tried too many to list. Condense has made it into my rotation of pre-workouts.  I like the Nitrates in it. It provided a great pump and crazy vascularity. I could power though the toughest longest workouts.  I like heavy stimulants in my pre-workouts, so by the 2nd day I was at the full two scoops. Which was the sweet spot for me with Condense. I never really got crazy BA Tingles or a skin flushing effect while taking it. I like a BA tingles and crazy force of energy flooding my body. Which takes heavy Stims at times and isn’t good for you all the time. This is when I like using Condense. The heavy Stim pre-workouts have back fired on my on heavy Squat or Deadlift days. Causing me to get light headed and dizzy a couple of times. Condense always pulls though 100% of the time. Without any side effects.
Mix-ability: 10/10
Taste: 8/10
Pump: 9/10
Vascularity: 10/10 - Crazy Rope like Veins.
Energy: 8/10
Focus: 8/10
Overall rating 8.5/10