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White Crusher 3 ply Knee and Elbow Sleeves

These knee and Elbow sleeves are the most supportive sleeve on the market I have come across. These fall between your 7mm Neoprene Sleeves and  Wraps. Now these sleeves are not legal in any powerlifting federation I know of, but they are a great choice for training. They keep your joints warm without near as much sweat, provide more support and are easier to get on and off; even when sized down.  
My findings:
I recently had a Squat day that called for 10x5 at 70% of my best wrapped max. I used these sleeves and made it through it. That was one of my hardest Squat days I have had in a very long time. That’s 50 reps @ 70% in sleeves. During this long squat day, not one time did the sleeves fall down.
My knees measured 14in and I’ve tried the XL, XXL and XXXL. I’m able to size down to a XL with no problems. They are tight and you may need to pull them down between sets, but that’s much easier and faster than wraps. I use the XL and XXL more than anything. If I’m using lighter weights and don’t feel like pulling down and back up between each set. I go with the XXL, but if I’m pushing my limits more I use the XL’s.
These are well constructed, thick and will outlast other sleeves. I have a pair of 2 ply sleeves like these that are going on 4yrs old and have not lost their support. These 3ply sleeves will last just as long if not longer.

Sizing is based on the measurement around your elbow or knee joint.
Medium 8-9.5 inches
Large 9.5-11 inches
X-Large 11-12.5 inches
XX-Large 12.5-14 inches
XXX-Large 14-16 inches
XXXX-Large 16-17.5 inches
5XL 17.5 - 19 inches
If in doubt go up a size!