CSCustom Enclosures by CSCStang

Modern MOPAR Audio Upgrade 2015

When I do upgrades on my own ride. I always seem to over research everything I can about what I'm getting myself into and what it is going to take to meet my needs and goals. When looking for a Box for a Subwoofer, it was no different. I'm glad I did my research or I would have just bought a pre-fab'ed box. I learned to get the most of your Subwoofer you need to make an enclosure to its spec's all while fitting in the space you want it to fit. 
My last subwoofer was in my trunk and it never failed me, but it was open to stuff in the trunk to slide around. Which is what happened to it and shorten it's life span. So I was looking for a box that would protect the Sub better and perform better. After a few months on different fourms. This one Member kept coming up. CSCStang was constantly being brought up. After a few PM’s and tons of Measurements, He came up with a Design that fit every need and then some for me.
In a very short time after finalizing it, I was sent picture of the Boxes progress and kept up to date how it was going. Which I thought was above and beyond.
The design we went with was a new one I haven’t seen done yet in my Car. We have seen similar, but not with my set up. In my 2010 Dodge Charger there is a Factory 8in Sub mount in the Rear Deck. So the plan was to take advantage of this large hole in the rear deck. Once I choose my Subwoofer and Amp. He figured out the best size and Freq that was needed for my Subwoofer of choice.
What he came up with was to have the Sub fire, off to the Side and a Massive 6in Port go through the Rear Deck and load off my back glass.
 Lets get into the pictures of the build. 
Box Size 26.75 x 17.75 x 15