Darksyde Ironwear

2.5M Darksyde Violators
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10in Stretch Test = 13.5in
Weight = Coming Soon

Darksyde Ironwear has a few wraps in their line up. These Voilators are their stiffest heaviest wrap in it. These are Beast.

Like other stiffer wraps it takes a few sessions to really wake these up. These wraps seem to just get better with age. Everytime I use them I like them more and more. 

One thing that really sets them off is the 1/2 black and 1/2 grey color. When your done wrapping both knees. One knee is all Black and the other is all grey. Of course this does nothing to adding poundage to the bar, but is kind of cool idea on design.  It would coll if they did all their other wraps like this as well in different colors.

Anyway back to the wraps. These are Stiff and very much Cast like. You can wrap these on your own get 75lbs or so out of them, but once broke in and you have someone else wrap you. I see these getting 100+ easy.

Like I said these are Stiff and actually are Ranked #5 in the Stretch Test. (#3 to #6 tied) But The Stretch test does a pretty good job of letting us know if they are built for Stopping power or Rebound, but just because a wrap shares the Same weight or Stretch test. Doesn't mean they perform the Same or Feel the same. These for being a Stiffer Wrap I have to say they are a bit more user freindly. 

I would recommend these wraps for a Wide Stance. If you squat slower you can get away with a wider neutrual Stance. I don't think any narrow stance drive bombers will want these wraps.
As you can see these are well made. The stitching on the ends is pretty heavy and should hold up for years.