Diablo “Half and Half” Knee Wraps

"Quick Overview Strengthshop Diablo knee wraps are a combination (half and half) of a soft wrap (comparable to Hercules wraps) and a stiff wrap (comparable to Thor wraps), giving the effect of having a softer more comfortable wrap against the knee/leg, and a stiffer wraps to really lock in and give maximum support/spring out of the hole." 

I’ve never had a chance to use a pair of hybrid knee wraps before these, but let me tell you. These wraps deliver. The first time I wore these I nailed Huge PR Single. 390lbs was my old PR with other Wraps. 375lbs being the best I have mustard in a meet. Once I warmed up. I loaded up 365lbs. Smoked it and it felt so good, I gave 405 a Shot. What do you know; it went up just as easy. So I asked a couple of guys in the gym to spot me and I slapped on 420lbs. I wrapped my knees, snapped down my belt and waddled over to the Squat rack. Got myself set up and walked it out. I started my descent, hit depth and powered out of the hole. Nailed 420lbs. This was a 30lb PR the very first time using these. I got these wraps just a few weeks out from my next meet. I was stoked and was ready to add this new 30lbs to my total while on the platform. Over the next few weeks, I figured out how I liked to wrap these. I had to do it slightly different then my other wraps. When I wrap my knees I don’t get crazy with crossing and X-Patterns. I always Wrap from inside to outside of the knees. I would normally start just under the knee with two tight as possible wraps. Then work my way up, as I cover the knee. I back off the tension just ever so lightly. Pulling up to tighten the wrap, never pulling down on the wrap to tighten. Once I have cleared the knee cap. I crank it down tight as possible again, then tuck and tie it off.
These wraps are made different than normal wraps. These are a combination of a super soft springy wrap and a stiff cast like wrap. The inner black portion of the wraps is the soft and first layer of the wrap. The Red portion of the wrap is the stiff and cast like wrap. This really locks the whole wrap in place. So for me to finish my wrap above my knee, I needed start above the knee. I used the black to cover the whole area, really cranking down on the wrap (pulling up) to get a tight base. The Black portion of the wrap really stretches. Stretches farther than any other wrap I have used before. This took a little bit to get used too. So I started above the knee and finished with the black portion just below the knee. Then cranked down two tight wraps with the Red and finished the wrap like I normally would above the knee for the tie off, Covering the knee with two full passes. These wraps quickly became my go to favorite wraps. Not wanting to wear these out fast. I only used these wraps a couple more times before my meet, never maxing out. Now a week out from my meet, I was pulling Sumo Deadlifts and didn’t warm up good and rushed things. I quickly strained my left Hamstring, right where it ties into my Glute. I shut things down and limped home. Pissed off; that I could be so stupid, this close to a meet. I took the whole week off. Only to foam roll and do some light stretches. It came the morning of the meet and I was feeling pretty good. During warm ups I could feel it just barely. I was worried it was going to affect me, but it didn’t seem to at all. I took a little more time warming up and warmed up a couple of singles, stopping at 365lbs. I choose 380lbs for my opener, being 5lbs over my meet PR and I felt confident I could get it. I was right, it was a smoke show. My next attempt I went with 415lbs. 405lbs is the highest I have attempted in a meet. Which I failed on back in June for my 3rd attempt. I didn’t nail it as easy as the 380lbs, but it went up. The State record for my class was 420lbs. So my 3rd attempt was an easy choice of 425lbs. I walked it out and crushed it. 3 White lights. I just beat any gym PR or meet PR to date. Now I did have to grind for it. This set the mood for the day. I nailed meet and personal PR’s in all my lifts for the day. Brining home 4 state records that day. I highly recommend these wraps for anyone. With these wraps being a hybrid wrap. The first layer is laid down to allow the second to be cranked down beyond what I would normally do without too much pain.You can never have to many Wraps..haha. Wraps are a cheap enough item. You can have 2-3 different pairs without breaking the bank.