Diode Dynamics

Where to Order

I needed some Quality LED Strips for my Trunk build. I didn’t know where to order from. I’ve seen all those cheap E-Bay and Amazon LED’s, but the reviews are iffy. A third say they worked fine. Another third say they stopped working after a few days and the last third say they showed up died. Those reviews just don’t seem good enough for me to gamble on.

So I dug around on some forums and came across Diode Dynamics. Awesome Reviews from actually users. So many reviews are bought on Amazon so you can’t always trust those, but the reviews on the Forums from users. Made me feel much better about choosing Diode Dynamics.


I went with 2x 50cm Blue LED Strips for my Trunk build. I used one full strip in my Subwoofer enclosure and the other strip was used to light the sides of the trunk. Problem is I needed LEDs on both sides, but I only had one strip left. So I took a gamble and cut the strip to make two. (Now this will void any warranty you have on them.) With a razor and soldiering iron, I was able to add wire to the second strip. Bench tested it and it worked. My gamble paid off.

My two LED strips came with plenty of wire and a few handy connectors and a switch. I didn’t end up using any of it, but I do have plans to use these later. All I did was wire all my trunks LEDs into my trunk light. So they only come on when the trunk is opened. No need for a switch with this set up.

I have had these running for a while and they are still working great. These things are very bright.