EO Sports Gear


Was surfing around the internet looking at all sorts of Powerlifting stuff and came across EO Sports and there Deadlift socks. I didn’t have any socks for an upcoming meet. So for the price I figured I could give them a shot.

They showed up fast without any issue. First look at them I was pleased and after a few Deadlift days and a meet. They held up well. No Holes, Snags, tears etc…

The material they used is nice a thick and will outlast a pair of cheap knee high socks. The biggest thing that sets these off from just any old pair of sock is the extra material on the shins. This material isn’t there to save you from the pain of catching or hitting your shins. It’s there to stop from tearing your skin and bleeding. I rarely hit my shins, but when I do Deficit deadlifts. I tend to hit them more. Instead of bleeding on the bar, I wear these. To me these are more important to save for training and not on Meet day. Meet day you get 3 pulls, but during training. These have been great to have. I just wear them on meet day to support EO Sports for supporting Powerlifting.

Only one complaint and that is they run a little big for me. I wear a size 10 and I like to pull my socks up tight. When I did that with these, they touched my knee sleeves. This is illegal during a meet, so I had to crunch them down a little.

Overall I’m happy with them and would recommend them for anyone looking for a little extra shin protection and a sock that can take the abuse