Factory Reproduction


When I first bought my car, the first thing I wanted to do was get bigger wheels. The stock 17in just didn't cut it. I looked around online on what other Chargers where running and found just what I wanted and what many others have found as well. The Dodge Viper Replica wheels.  The Vipers gave such a mean muscle car look and the larger 20in wheels just look at home on these big sedans. These Viper wheels look like something that should have been on from the factory. That's how much these wheels look at home on a Charger.

The 22in look just as good, but I went with the 20in for 4 Reasons. Sidewall height, Ride, finish and weight all came into account when I purchased these. Being my daily driver and having a V6 all these were important.  22x10 to a 20x9 Factory Reproduction Wheel weight close to 10lbs difference. Also the finish can make a decent weight change as well. The Painted and Machine Finish will weigh less than the chrome finish.  So by going with the 20x9 in Machine Faced finish, I went the lightest Version they made. The factory 17’s weighed 24lbs. So the 20x9 already weighed 10lbs over stock. Adding 20lbs over stock per wheel was just not a smart choice for me.

I ordered my Wheels and Tires from Jason at 213Auto.com and I have to say. 213Auto is top notch in every way. He answered every question I asked and made me a great package deal for me. Wheels and Tires shipped in just a few days.

Once my wheels showed up, I looked them over and couldn't find anything wrong with them at all. The look and finish was perfect. All four wheels balanced out easy with little weight needed.

2010 Dodge Charger 20x9 Factory Reproduction Machine Faced Gloss Black pockets with 275/40/20 Nexen HP Tires.
I have now been running these wheels for 2yrs and they look like the day I bought them. I have ran these wheels all year around through 2 rough winters and down some rough roads. Wheels have held up great and I see no problems in the future from them. I do recommend putting a few coats of good wax on them to reduce water spots and for easier cleaning. I have had to buy stuff and remove a few water spots in the pockets. I did happen to lose a center cap from one wheel. Not sure how or when, just noticed it one morning. E-mailed Factory Reproductions up and they shipped out 2 center caps on the house. I was super pleased with the customer service and their product. I highly recommend these wheels to anyone.

Before and After
20x9 wrapped with 275/40/20 Nexen HP's next to the stock 17x7 wheels and tires.