Atomic Strength Nutrition
A little insight from Atomic's website.
“Atomic Strength Nutrition was founded in 2013 with one simple goal in mind:
- Deliver high quality products that actually work -
Atomic Strength Nutrition's team has years of experience and use only the highest quality raw ingredients with a proven track record of results. Atomic Strength Nutrition is constantly researching new ingredients and combinations. The focus is creating an outstanding product as measured by scientific data, and real-world performance results. We beta test every product before releasing it to the public.Fuel X30, Fallout, Creatine Matrix, Inferno and Firestarter have been so consistent that our customers now expect the best from us, every time. From world-class athletes to weekend warriors, we strive to produce the most effective products available. We stand behind our products 100% and provide unparalleled support to our customers.“
- Our Mission -
Atomic Strength Nutrition was created to provide the industry with cutting-edge products that work. As a company of INTEGRITY, Atomic Strength Nutrition stands by the quality of our products and provides unparalleled support to our customers. We do not follow fads, we believe in the real athlete, we believe in the mental and physical development of a person as a whole. We believe that PASSION is the most important ingredient of our team, we stand out because we believe in our brand and we believe in our family.
We built this company as a family and are exited for you to become a part of it.
Science Based, Athlete Driven
Marcus Soto
Some pretty strong statements there. Lets see if FALLOUT can live up to these claims.
FALLOUT is well throughout recovery drink. To say FALLOUT is a BCAA mix, is selling it short.
Atomic Strength took your basic 2:1:1 BCAA mix and added some of the best recovery ingredients out. In each serving you will find 7.2g of BCAA's, 2.5g of Glutamine, 2.5g Blend of Beta-Alanine Based Endurance mix and a nice dose of Joint repair ingredients, which includes Cissus Quadrangularis.
I used this stuff twice a day for weeks and I can't tell you this stuff is legit. This profile is one of the best if not the best profile for a BCAA drink I have tried. Along with the incredible profile. It's No Carb, Sugar Free, Gluten Free and Calorie free
Many BCAA drinks barely get you 5g. I've got two brands in front of me right now. Both from well known companies. #1 has 2.5g per serving and #2 has 4.5g. Neither comes close to what FALLOUT offers. They are cheaper at $40 for the same servings. FALLOUT is more and I found it to avg. around $54 for 30 Servings. If you can afford it, I would go for it. Comes out to $1.80 per serving. If you are already buying BCAA's and a joint supplement. You might be already spending more then one tub of FALLOUT cost.
For the past 4 months I have been taking another brands joint supplement. It was a once a day drink. It took about 2 months to really notice the difference. Joint supplements take time to build up and repair. After a couple of months it's just a maintenance thing. I started FALLOUT when I finished my joint supplement. I wanted to see if the amount in FALLOUT would be enough. My joints felt great during the whole time on FALLOUT. This is taking it 2 servings a day too.
But FALLOUT is more then a BCAA and Joint Supplement. It also has Glutamine, Beta-Alanine and a dose of antioxidants. So if you can afford it, I highly recommend it for anyone who is already buying a BCAA.
I believe Atomic Strength truly is out to provide some of the best supplements on the market today.
Taste: 9/10-
Taste wasn't an issue at all. I enjoyed drinking it every time. It had a bit of a bite.
Ingredient Profile: 9/10
The only thing I would like is a bit more joint. Other then that, Can't complain at all about the ingredients. They pretty much nailed it. I like the fact they didn't add any Creatine into it has filler.
Mixability: 8/10
For a BCAA it mixed just fine. Many BCAA's like to foam up or not mix well unless they sit for a few minutes. FALLOUT mixed better then most and easily.
Performance: 9/10
 With that great ingredient profile how could it not.
Cost: 7/10
This one is tough. Yes it's $54 for 30 servings and that might be hard for some to grasp, but it may just be replacing 2-3 other supplements you are buying now. So it could be saving you money.
Overall: 8.5/10
I think Atomic Strength really did an incredible job here and this will be one I highly recommend.