Ascend FS128T Sit-on-Top Angler Kayak - White/Black

The updated Ascend® FS128T Sit-on-Top Angler Kayak with below-deck storage access delivers more cubic storage space than almost any kayak on the market today, among dozens of other upgrades. This 1-person watercraft allows the paddler the ability to stand up and fish or paddle. This redesigned hybrid fishing vessel strikes the perfect balance for the hardcore fisherman who wants a stable platform with open-top deck storage and plentiful below-deck storage to float in comfort with a lot of gear. This sit-on-top kayak performs best in open, slower waters. Accessory rails allow for attaching extra gear for even more storage versatility. Non-skid EVA marine-grade midship foam covers flat surface panels. Always listening to paddlers' requests, Ascend further upgraded this longtime-favorite kayak with with improved deck rigidity, butyl waterproofing and through-bolting of all secondary hatches, and die-cut EPDM foam gaskets for flush-mount rod tubes. Designed with the ultimate seat-adjustment capability on the market today, the Ascend FS128T Sit-on-Top Kayak lets you float or fish all day in exceptional comfort.

  • Length: 12' 8". Width: 33". Weight with seat: 96 lbs. Max. weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • More cubic storage than most other kayaks
  • Completely updated with dozens of improvements
  • Open-top deck storing areas with plenty of below-deck storage
  • Removable bow rod tip protector
  • Accessory rails
  • Cupholders directly in front of seat
  • Non-skid EVA marine-grade midship foam
  • Enhanced deck rigidity
  • Butyl waterproofing
  • Through-bolting of all secondary hatches
  • Die-cut EPDM foam gaskets
  • Exceptional seat-adjustment capability
  • All-day-comfort design
I've had my Ascend FS128T for about a year now and I'm glad I bought it.

I have used this Kayak on Rivers, Streams, Lakes and Ponds. It has never let me down. 

The overall size is Big, but great. I think it's a near perfect size. I would like to see if 2-3 inches wider and some channels to lay rods down. I fish a lot of rivers and with Rivers comes a ton of Tree's with branches that like to snap and steel Fishing rods. So the Built in Rod holders are nice for open lakes, but for Rivers. They are a pain in the butt often. So I tend to lay my rods down on the deck. Which works, but the kayak wasn't designed for this. There is a Rod tip protector up front, but it's seems more of an after thought in design. It gets the job done though. 

Like I mentioned above, the kayak is Big. Being Big helps it stay stable on the water. Biggest down fall of this is weight though. Weighing in just a few pounds sigh of 100lbs. It's a bit heavy, but it's not the weight thats really the issue moving. It's just an odd size to move alone. So it helps to have a friend to help get in and out of the water. If your alone, you can get by with a Kayak Cart or a Small trailer, makes it pretty easy too. 

There is plenty of Storage on this Kayak and many different ways to attach any accessory you can dream of. There are 2 latches that give you access inside the hull and 1 waterproof department. the 1 waterproof department is just about worthless. it's to small to hold most phones that have a bigger case on them. Like an otterbox. I keep my digital Scales and Truck Keys in it when on the water. When in storage it works great to hold all the scupper plugs. I just wish it would fit my phone.

Since the Kayak is pretty big many guys like to add a Trolling Motor. 30lbs and up all work great. Paddling this big Yak across a lake on a slightly windy day is ZERO FUN. If you rest and you will. On a windy day everytime you rest you lose much of the ground you just paddled. So IMO a trolling motor is a Must have if you fish a lot of open waters. 

Normally when I get my Kayak out. I make sure I'm out on the water for a good about of time. It's just a hassle to load this up in the bed of a truck by myself. So if I'm short on time. I'm fishing from the Banks. 


Good Bang for the Buck Value
Plenty of Storage
Adjustable Seat