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2010 Dodge Charger 140mpg Glow Gauge Overlay
Item was shipped and at my house in just 3 days.

I've been wanting new gauges for some time now. Just couldn't get myself to drop $150 for some yet. I was searching on E-bay for some LEDs and I figured I'd do a quick search for gauges again. Sure enough these popped up. For under $60 shipped, was it to good to be true? 

After doing a little research on the forums. I did find a few who bought these and liked them. So I pulled the trigger and ordered them.

Here is the Before Shoot.
First thing I did was cut the windows out of them. This isn't needed really, but they are slow frosted (foggy) you can't read the message center well. Make sure you get a fresh blade and take your time. Also I'm betting money this will kill any sort of warranty it might have.
Now on to the fun part, the install. Now if your worried about this being tough or scared you might screw something up. Don't worry. This is really just a 45min to 1hr job. First step is to remove this trim piece between the door and dash. Start from the bottom and firmly pull out. It has 2 clips. Under this trim piece you will need remove this screw pictured below.
Now under the dash just below the steering. There is one last screw here. Remove it and you can now. Remove the lower portion of the dash. It has two clips holding it on. One under the Headlight switches and one under the ignition. Don't pull on it to fast. Your trunk release is wired up till. Once you have the left side loose. Go ahead and un-clip the wiring harness for the trunk release. 
Once you have that taken off. You will find two screws. One on each side. Remove those. 
Ok now your ready to remove the trim covering up the Gauge Cluster. Start from the bottom left and work your away around to the top. Then do the same to the other side. Once loose, you will have to wiggle it a little to get it to clear the dash and steering will.
This is what you have left. There is four screws holding it on and NO Clips. Remove the two screws on each side. Before careful with the top ones. There is a hole you can drop the screw in and might have a tough time finding it again.
Pull out on the bottom of the Gauge Cluster and workout out so you can get to the three Wiring harnesses on back. Just press on the clip and pull out the harness for each one.
For the back side of the Gauge Cluster you will need a 2.5mm Allen head. There are 12 screws to removed. I have marked them in red below. Once these are removed. The Black backing comes right off and the board and white front and be separated.
Now unlike other brands of Gauge Overlays for the Chargers. You do not need to remove the Needles to install these. These are not stickers either. So you will need to use some tape to hold down the edges. At first I thought this was stupid, but after spending a few minutes lining it up. I couldn't imagine doing it with one large sticker. Just a few pieces of tape around the sides. Held it in place just fine. 

Start with the Gas Gauge and the trip button. You will need to rotate the overlay and move the needle to slide it in place. The other side just slips  over the needles real easy. Once you have them slide on. It's time to get them lined up and centered. Eyeball it the best you can and just use one small piece of tape on each side of the overlay to pin it down. 
Once you have it where you think it needs to be and taped. Hold a bright flashlight on the back side. This will light up a few of the smaller lights. Gas and tire pressure showed up on mine pretty good. Adjust the tape and the overlay till you have it centered around the needles and the lights match up. Once that is done. Place a few more pieces of tape around the overlay.
I'd also suggest test fitting the front cover on a few times to make sure it looks centered up there as well. Ok now you have it all taped down. Flip the cluster back over and you will see a small clip with a flat wire at the top of the board. This is the OEM lighting. Now you can un-clip this or not. As these lights have there own light source. I left mine clipped in.
Put the Gauge Cluster back together now and test the lights on the new overlays. There is two plugs coming off the Overlays and four plugs on the wiring harness that came with the kit. We only need to use two of them. Doesn't matter which two. Plug the supplied harness up to the lights. Find a 12v power source and ground to test. I have aftermarket fog lights. So I was able to just tape into the switch for those. After you make sure the lights work. Install the Gauge Cluster back in the dash. Plug the three harness back in and tighten down the four screws that hold the Cluster in place.
Ok now the Gauge Cluster is back in and screwed in place. Below is what I used for my Ground and power source. On the left is where I put my ground. The screw is just under the steering wheel and to the left. Just back that screw out a little and slide in your Ground. For my Power source I used a wire from the Headlight Switch harness. Look up under the dash behind the headlight switch. There is a red clip on top of the harness that needs to be slide out before removing. Once removed find the orange wire with a white strip. It's one in from the side. I spliced into it.
Thats it.... Once you have it ground and spliced into a power source. Just zip tie everything up out of the way. Now the kit comes with a switch panel with a Blue/Green switch and a Dimmer knob. Set it on Blue and the Dimmer on the brightest it will go. Just zip tie it up under the dash as well. Don't bother with the Green setting it sucks. Just a dimmer off white color. When splicing into the harness for our power. Also gave us the option to still use the factory dimmer switch. So this one isn't really needed. So you don't need to try and figure a spot to mount it and look good. To me it would just look tacky mounted out in the open some where. Well that's it. Not to bad and much easier then you would think. Wiring it like I did. Gives you the same control over it as you did from the factory. The LED's only come on when you have the Park lights or Head lights on.
Here is a Day time Shot and a Night time shot of the Gauges. They are easy to read at all times of day.
Now my thoughts on them. For the price they are great, but they can be improved and would be perfect. My only gripe on them is the cloudy or foggy windows. It would such a better product if these came already cut out or were actually clear. This is really the only negative thing I can find about them through this whole install.... 

One other thing I'd like to see would be the MPH, x1000RPM removed and left blank. This would allow customers to customize the overlays with Vinyl Cut letters. MOPAR, SRT-8, Names etc.... But this is just a suggestion I think would be a cool feature. Having the choice to order overlays with those sections blank.