First Week Results
of Taking AI's Glycobol
I'm always one to try in Supplements. This one isn't really mew, but it is new to me. I have tried most Supplements produced. Early Pro-Hormones, Creatine, Glutamine, All Protein, Nitric Oxide Boosters, Pre-Workouts etc.... With PH's gone. I have a good chance to see what new to me supplements are out and really see how they can help me.
Muscle Fullness/Hardness
Maybe a little extra fullness, but I have also upped my Daily Carbs from 75-100 to 150-175. I've been Carb Cycling. So I really haven't noticed much as of yet. I'm going to lower my Carbs to 90-125. Pretty much only going to take in Carbs in ? my meals. I eat 5-6 Meals a Day.

For the last 3 months I have been doing lower Reps and more Sets. Goal is to gain some strength. So when I go back to more of a Bodybuilding protocol. I can push Heavy Weights for more Reps. 

Fat Loss
Nothing in Fat loss or Weight Gain. I'm sitting at 192lbs. I normally float around 189-191lbs. I'm not looking into Losing Weight, but I am looking at making my Fat to Muscle Ratio better.

Now I think I have noticed a slight increase in Veins. Specially in my Forearms. 

Haven't noticed in better Recovery. 

In The Gym Pumps
Not much in increased pumps in the first week.

Side Effects
The first 3-4 days I had some very dark urine, but after 4 days it's went back to normal.
This is were I have seen the most so far. Increase in Gas and Stinky Farts.

Started the first 2 days as the bottle Stated. 2 Pills twice a Day with Carbs. Well that really screwed my Stomach up. So I backed off to 1 pill 3 times a Day. I have slowly started taking 2 pills at a time with one Larger Carb meal. Then 1 pill twice a day with smaller Carb meals. So Still 4 pills a day. Just spread out a little.

It's still to early to tell much. I have some high hopes for this stuff. I keep a very good eye on what I eat, but I will have to adjust it a little more to get the most out of Glycobol. I think this week and next week should show better results. As I'll have the Dosing and Diet tweaked better for Glycobol.

Vascularity is good. This isn't even on a workout day...
OK I'm 3 weeks in now. Not much of a change really. A little more Vascularity, but thats it really. I'm not recovering any faster. My lifts have been steadly climbing thou.

I'll add one thing I forgot. I have found dosing 1 with breakfast, 2 with a pre-workout meal and 1 in the PM. Seems to work ok. I like the 2 pre-workout. Great Pumps and veins like carazy in the gym. Looks sick.