Harris Stability Systems Hybrids (2.5M) 


- Weight 13.86 oz  /  5.54 oz Per Meter
- Length 97in
- Width 3in
- Thickness 4.3mm (thickest to date)
- Thick, Stretchy, High Rubber content.
- 10in Stretch Test 17in

Description from website:

After a lot of testing and development with some of the best squatters in the world, we bring you the True Hybrid Knee Wraps 2.5m. The name 'Hybrid' comes from taking our existing best seller the True Elite and developing it more for absolute maximum rebound out of the hole. We have taken the already proven design from the Elite and advanced it more towards rebound. We believe we have created a soon to be world leader in knee wraps for the professional powerlifter.

2.5m in length
Striking orange HARRIS colours
A leading cutting edge hybrid designed super heavy material
Will cater for all top level powerlifters in the world demanding MAXrebound

 If you have never used wraps before or have been for years. These wrap are a good wrap to have in your gym bag for a few reasons. The high rubber content and strains give these wraps their stretch and also allow them to stay put. These will not slip even in the worse conditions. 

For the beginner these are easy to wrap yourself. They start and tie off with ease. They will provide great support and rebound for starting off on wraps.  Works well with Narrow to wider stance squatters.

For the more expereince lifter. You will like the rebound they give. They don't have as much stopping power as some of the Cast like wraps, but they are not designed for that. These are made for the Squatter who drops fast into the hole. 

I like the Cast like wraps for my Meets and aiming for PR's, but I use these a lot during training as the Carry over isn't has much for my style of squatting.