Iron Brothers did their research on this one.  Every ingredient has a purpose.

There are many great Pre-workouts on the market and Iron Brothers can be proud to be one of them. Many companies like to add Creatine, which in a pre-workout is normally in small doses. Which just becomes filler in my opinion. I’m glad to see Iron Brothers not follow that path. 

The 4000mg of L-Citrulline, to Boosts nitric oxide production. Which gives you impressive pumps by widening the arteries and improving blood flow.

3200mg of Beta Alanine is enough to fight off fatigue and give you the endurance to power through any training day. Even heavy Squat days.

Even with a nice dose of Beta Alanine. Nothing beats Caffeine in delivering big boost of energy quickly. With 275mg of Caffeine gives you plenty without giving you the jitters.

A couple of other ingredients that many overlook are Taurine and AstraGin. Taurine has been to decrease inflammation and reduce soreness. AstraGin is used to increase to absorption rates.

Ingredient Profile 10/10
-Love this profile. Doesn’t get much better then this.

Mix-ability 9/10
– Nothing big here, mixes good, no grains left in the bottle when finished.

Performance 9.5/10
-Solid performer here. Delivers just like it should

Cost 9/10
– runs around $35 for 30 servings. This is truly a 30 serving tub. Unlike most Pre-workouts. You only need one scoop of this.

Overall 9.5/10