What do they say about their Product

TrueGRIP 2.5 - Unlock Your True Potential 

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to add muscle to your upper body is definitely through thick grip training. 

By eliminating your body's weak link, you will finally unlock your true muscular potential. Adding a pair of TGrip 2.5 to your exercises will truly shock your body into new growth starting on your very first set!
Not only will you develop impressive grip strength and big forearms from the thicker grip, but you will also build all the surrounding muscles through increased neural activity. Increased fingers, hand, wrist and forearms strength is only the beginning. 

Who is it for? The TGrip 2.5 is recommended for the advanced lifters with average sized hands. It is the perfect size for any dumbbell work such as dumbbell presses, great for biceps curls and push downs, pull ups and shoulder exercises.

In a matter of seconds, you will discover the world of thick bar training and access the gains you have been missing out all these years. Get your pair today and finally reach your true potential!

What do I say about their product

Iron Bull Strength TGrip 2.5?s

I have been using these Iron Bull TGrip 2.5?s for a while. If you don?t know what they are, they are like a portable and affordable FATBAR. I have done many forearm and grip exercises in the past, but never really struggled with grip. I have never missed a Max Attempt on deadlifts from my grip failing. Now that I?m reaching the point of 500lbs plus. I don?t want to see it happen. So to be ahead of the curve, I thought these would be a great tool to add in my Training. I sent Iron Bull Strength an E-mail to help me choose which TGrip would best fit my needs. When all said and done. I had a set of 2.5?s on the way to my door. The 2.5?s are the middle of the pack in there TGrips. They have 2.0?s, 2.5?s and monster 3.0?s. I have small hands so I knew right off the bat the 3.0?s were out. The 2.0?s would have been nice, but I thought I maybe I was a little more advanced for those. Man I didn?t know what I was getting into to.

A few days later they should up on my doorstep. I threw them In my gym bag to the following day. As soon as I got there I had to test fit them on everything I could. I had them on all the barbells, curl bars, pullown, row and even the dip machine. What I found out was they are easy to snap on and easy to remove. I tried them out on a couple machines first. One the chest press and dip machine it really didn?t make it that much harder. Were they shined at was on the pulldown machine. I had to drastically drop the weight. BUT I don?t use machines much at all and none of this really affected me. I?m a Powerlifter. So I would need to get some Barbell action in on these ASAP. The next day was Deadlifts and some Rows. Time to really see how these will work out. I started off with deadlifts. I snapped them on the bar and started warming up. Slapped 135lbs on and then 185lbs. I quickly had to use chalk to help hold my grip. These things make it tough as nails. These really showed me how weak my grip really was. I followed up with one more set with them on. Then I ditched them for my heavy deadlift sets. I had rows next, so I knew I could get more sets and reps in on using them. I started at 135lbs again for BB Rows, with the Iron Bull Strength TGrip 2.5?s. It was all I could muster to get 10 reps. I was shooting for 12. My next 2 sets I did sort of a Drop Set. I started with the on for the first 5 reps, which is all I could hold on too. Then I would strip the TGrips off and bang out 5 more. That?s a nice thing to be able to take them off so easy and continue rowing.

My thought?s so far. These TGrips will humble the meanest, baddest guy in the gym. They will make you look like a little pansy girl on your lifts. BUT they will help you build the strength and grip needed to look like a BEAST on your MAX Deadlift Day. I have been using these weekly and have made them a staple in my routine. I use them mainly on warm ups, but every other week or on my bodybuilding days. I?ll focus on at least one exercise using these on each set. 

What makes these different than other Fatbar attachments? The biggest thing for me is the curved surface of the grip itself. It?s more form fitting to provide a more secure grip. I also found it easy on the wrist then a normal Fatbar. All the other grips I have seen have been straight flat surface. Iron Bull Strengths are the only ones I?ve seen like this.

My Overall Rating: Man I want to give these a 5 or less. Just for the fact they make me scream, while holding my forearms as I?m dropping to my knees crying. But the pump and strength I know I?m getting make up for it and then some. The added convenience of being small so they can fit in my gym bag. 
Makes these an Easy 10 out of 10