Iron Rebel Power Gear

Iron Rebel OutLaws 2.5M

10in Stretch test = 17in
Weight = 13.01oz

My first year in real wraps was from Iron Gear. I used their Anaconda for all my heavy lifts and the first Rhinos for rep  work. The Anaconda are no longer being made which is a shame.

The OUTLAW's are pretty close spec wise to the Rhinos, but are way different in feel. The OUTLAWS are a bit stiffer, but that stiffer feel doesn't transfer into the squat as much as you would think. 
These are Iron Rebels 2nd run. The first OUTLAW's had 3 stripes instead of one big Black line down the middle. These are much mroe appealing to look at then the older ones. 
I would recommend these for the Wider Neutral Stance to Narrow Stance Squatters. Any speed will work with these. They are very user friendly in that aspect. The down side to these wraps is their longevity. They loose their shape pretty quick. 

The difference between the Rhino's and these OUTLAW's is pretty much just the feel. The spec's and results on the platform are so close it's hard to tell.  I find this a bit odd being they are the only wraps Iron Rebel sells now. After they discontinued the Anaconda and the Raptors.