Iron Rebel Power Gear

Iron Rebel Rhino 2.5M

10in Stretch Test = 18.5in
Weight = 13.21oz

Iron Rebel has had some time top perfect these wraps and these are actually Rhino 2nd edtions. The first edtion Rhinos where a bit soft and would wear out quick. These new Rhinos have a much higher rubber content for an incredible amount of rebound. 

The Rhinos are also unique from other wraps as they are more cotton based. This gives them a comfortable wrap for a powerlifting knee wrap goes. 

The Rhino's are a great all around wrap. The Cotton base makes it user freindly for for novice lifters. The great rebound effects makes this great for experienced lifters as well. 

I would recommend these wraps for the Narrow to Neutral Stance Squatters. These wraps aren't afraid of a little speed your drop either.