Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Jack’d Up

Everyone remembers the old Jack 3d from a few years ago. Then the FDA came in and took DMAA away. So the old Jack 3d was changed and it never was the same. Now for years everyone was looking for something better and a few companies found some great alternatives. Well Hi-Tech did some researching and they say that the FDA never followed through with actually banning DMAA and it was still legal. So Hi-Tech started using it in a few products. They also produce and bottle products for many other supplement companies. So you will see it in other brands as well. Hi-Tech has been in court with the FDA over this for some time. Hopefully Hi-Tech comes out on top and can continue to use DMAA.

Ok so now you know some of what has been going on and Why I bring up the old Jack 3d. Hi-Tech basically cloned the old formula, but made an improvement or two. One they used their own flavors and instead of using creatine mono, they used newer faster absorbing forums of creatine. Now if you have read any of my other reviews on pre-workouts, you know I’m not a fan of seeing creatine in pre-workouts. However, If they have at least 5g for a daily maintenance dose, I’m ok with that. So many companies try to through ½ to 1g to look good on a label and filler. This is not the case here. With 2.5 scoops you get 5g. Which is what I would recommend for a dose.
Ingredient Profile: 9/10 - Pretty Solid...Per Scoop - DMAA 25mg, Caffeine 200mg, Beta Alanine 1.3g, Creatine 2g. Shoot with that profile I can't really find anything I would change. Only thing I would like to see is 2g of Beta Alanine per scoop, but that is subjective. Some users may not like the extra Beta Alanine. 

Taste: 9/10 - I had Watermelon no complaints here. No odd after taste or medicine taste.

Mixibility: 8/10 - Mix pretty well. Has a few specks floating around, but not much settlement after sitting for a couple of minutes. Easily mixes with just a few shakes.

Performance: 8.5/10 - Works like it shoud and only gets a hit for one thing. It does have a bit of a Crash in my opinion. Some reviews I've read said they didn't experience any.

Cost: 8/10 - About average really. Found it for $32 to $59.  At 2 Scoops it will last 22 workouts. So if you workout 5 days a week. This tub should last you 4 weeks.

Overall: 8.5/10 - Highly recommened and one of the best on the Market right now.