Double Dragon "Juiced"


I’m not going to fill you with BS and tell you how good or bad each ingredient is. The blend is pretty much the same as most effective pre-works out there. I do like how they give a break down by the amount of each ingredient. Like these other companies that are giving HUGE proprietary blends.  When I see these, my first thought is they are hiding something or under dosing the good stuff. I believe Double Dragon felt the same way.

Now to the important stuff.  After about a week, I jumped up to 2 scoops to get the effect I was after. Shortly after that I backed down to 1.5 scoops to help stretch it a bit farther. I was enjoying the product. 1.5 scoops was the sweet spot for dosage for me. Stuff kicked in pretty fast about 10-15min and you could feel some BA tingles and you knew you were ready to hit the gym hard. Effects seem to last a solid 45min, but not much longer. Now when it was done I was done. Didn’t really crash hard, but it’s like you can feel the energy leave. I didn’t feel tried like I was shot for the day at all. Matter of fact, I lift before work and always have to pull an 8hr shift after my workout.  
Supplement Facts
Serving Size:  1 scoop  (4.4g)
Servings Per Container:  30
Amount Per Serving%
DVCreatine Monohydrate1.5g
Agmatine Sulfate500mg
Beta Alanine1.5g
Alpha yohimbine2mg
So I’d base this Pre-Workout just above Average in its power. Where the product really shine was in Mixing and Taste. I have never had any supplement mix as well as this. Literally just one shake after filling with water and 99% of the time. That was all that was needed.  Now the Flavors… Power Punch and Lemon Lime. Power Punch is above average for a Punch taste, but the freakin Lemon Lime was perfect in every way. Man I found myself using other brands or a different flavor. Because I was afraid I would run out of it. 

Now on to the last factor, the so called PUMP factor.  I never have an issue with getting a Pump. I eat plenty of Carbs and I drink plenty of water. These two factors seem to do the job for me. So all I can say was, I always had good pumps while take it.

So what we have here is a solid contender for a Pre-workout. I like to rotate through Pre-workouts. I don’t mind taking the same one over and over again all year. I just like trying new ones and different flavors. Double Dragon did a solid job here with Juiced. They didn’t invent or break out a new secret compound.  What they did was produce a proven formula, but mastered its mixabilty and taste. One thing to add and I’ll wrap this up… The LEMON LIME HANDS DOWN BEST TASTING PRE-WORKOUT I HAVE EVER HAD…I found myself licking my fingers and scraping the side of the tub one night like a crack head looking for a fix…