Blinking Smart Stop

Anything you can make your ride safer. It’s a good idea. Kahtec has done just that. By adding their simple to install electronic module. You can be driving safer in minutes. What does it do? When you hit your brakes, your brake lights come on and stay on. When you add this module to your 3rd brake light, it turns your 3rd brake light into an attention grabber. So now when you hit your brakes, the 3rd brake light will flash for a few seconds. Then it stays on. This helps draw the attention of the drivers behind you to you braking. There have been many studies showing just a second earlier response would prevent most rear-end accidents.  Starting at $23 you can’t really afford not to try one. Kahtec has a few different set ups. Check out their website and see which one best suits your needs.

I went with the standard version.  It’s a very simple and quick install.  Here is how I installed it on a 2010 Dodge Charger.

This Module goes in line with the power wire for your 3rd brake light. You just cut the power wire and splice the module in line with it. You will need a pair of pliers, side cutters and double sided tape. I used these. Simple one tool installation. 
Find a nice spot to mount the Module. Take and cut a piece of double sided tape and stick it to the Module. Once you find the spot you want to mount it. (Tip: Close to the light it's self) Pill and stick it. 
The only wire you really have to cut is the Power Wire going into the Light. 

I had to unplug the harness from the light and pill off the factory tape covering the wires. To gain access to them.

The Quick Splice Clamps that come with the Module have 2 holes. Only one goes all the way through. The one that doesn't go through goes on the Power wire you just cut on the Car. Then you pull one of the Power Wires from the Module all the way through the other side. Once you have it slide on and the length you need. Then take your pliers and squeeze the Metal Tab down firmly and snap the tab down. This is not the time to cut the excess wire off. Wait till you have tested it and it works.  You will need to do this with the Red and Blue wires from the Module.
Once you have the Power Wires spliced in. ( Red / Blue ) Take the 3rd quick clamp and slide it on to the Factory Ground from the Brake light. You will need to squeeze it though the opening on the side of the quick clamp. Slide it were you need it and cut the Black wire from the Module and slide it into the other opening. Take your Pliers and press the metal tab down. Should look like this below. Now turn your car on and test the light by hitting your Brakes. Your 3rd brake light should flash a few times then go solid. If not, double check your wiring. Once you make sure it's working. Cut the extra wires off and wrap a little electrical tape around  it to hold it up and out of the way. That's it. Took me about 5 minutes to install this.