Light Strong Mofo's 2 M

10in Stretch Test 20in
Weight 8.44oz

The Light Strong Mofo's are the lightest wrap Kiwi-Strength offers. They are their entry level wraps. They offer good support and rebound. They will not provide much stopping power or extra poundage to your Squat compared to their other wraps they offer. They how ever do give solid support.

These maybe only 2M's long but with the Massive stretch they have. They can actually double their length. 

A fast neutral to narrow stance squatter will get the most out of these wraps. 

These wraps are very soft, user freindly and a great beginner wrap.

Supreme Super Duper 2.5 M

10in Stretch Test 15in
Weight 13.4oz

The Super Duper Wraps are the best all around wrap Kiwi-Strength offers.  When I say all around wraps. I mean these are 40% Stopping Power and 60% Rebound. That makes these work well with just about any squatting style and speed. 

The 10in Stretch Test yeilded a 15in pull. Which lands these wraps about the middle of the pack. 

As you can see the below chart. About every category is scored in the middle on everything. 

The Super Dupers are the same thickness as the Strong Mofo's Below, but stretch better. You will get more wraps around the knee with these. They will also rebound a bit better, but won't stop you as good as the Strong Mofos do. 

These come ready and don't really need any breaking in.

Strong Mofo 2.5 M

10in Stretch Test 13.5in
Weight 14.68oz

For me this is when the Wraps start to become something that will add real poundage to your squats. These are Stiff, Dense and provide some real stopping power. 

The Strong Mofo's stretched out to 13.5in, which lands these in the bottom 5 on the lower end. Don't let you shy away. With a bit of elbow grease or a partner. You can get these stretched well and really cranked down. 

These cast up well and stop you at the bottom of your squat. Making it easier to come out of the hole.

These are not a beginner wrap and will need to be broke in. That can take up to a month of use to do. 

If you want something even more hardcore. Check out Kiwi-Strength's Signature Golds Below....

Signature Gold 2.5 M

10in Stretch Test 13.5in
Weight 18.38oz

These are the Stiffest, Heaviest, Most aggessive wrap Kiwi-Strength makes. These are definitely not a beginner wrap and to get the most out of these get a partner to wrap you. You can wrap these yourself, but without a partner your losing pounds.

The 10in Stretch Test give the same results as the Strong Mofo's, but where these standout is their thickness and weight. 18.38oz for a 2.5M wrap is the Heaviest 2.5M wrap I have so far. 

If you are a Wide Stance or Slow Neutral Stance Squatter. These will work well for you. Just remember these are aggressive and not comfortable. However these wraps correctly will get you in the range of an extra 100lbs out of your squats.