Lilliebridge Wraps
by Pioneer Fitness

Spec's for 3M

*Weight 17.65oz

*10in Stretch Test 18in

The Lilliebridge Wraps are the newest Wrap by Pioneer Fitness and the most advanced wrap on the Market to date.  Pioneer Fitness worked for months with the Lilliebridge Family and if any one knows Squats and what would make a great wrap, they would.

Pioneer Fitness made sure to source all the material and to manufacture 100% of these Wraps in the USA....

When looking for wraps there are two things you will always hear about, Stopping Power and Rebound.  

What’s the difference?

Stopping Power or also referred as Cast like style wraps are designed to stop you at the bottom of your squat. This allows for less effort on your part to stop and come back up. The bad part of these style wraps are for guys who miss use them. These wraps are normally used for the wide stance, slow speed or Equipped Squatter. If you’re a narrower stance squatter you may have issues hitting depth.

Ok, now on to the Rebound effect. A wrap made for rebound is for the Squatter who uses a little bit of speed and relays on the bounce out of the whole. A Rebound style wrap increases this bounce effect. Wraps of the Past that where rebound heavy were made of lighter materials and stretched very well. It used to be as a Wrap got thicker, heavier and less stretch it was more geared towards stopping power.

Well these New Lilliebridge wraps are thick and heavy but still have incredible stretch to them.  These wraps are a REBOUND wrap and do this very well. A thicker, heavier wrap means denser and in return means more material being wrapped around your knee. This was a problem other rebound wraps of the past had. See the more material the more support it can provide. These Wraps are the heaviest wraps made for Rebound. 

To take FULL advantage of these heavy wraps or any wrap matter of fact. The tighter the better. Pioneer Fitness incorporated a nice feature and an old trick to help tie off a tight wrap. The label on the end not only looks good and serves a purpose. The thick rubber label has a small hole all the way through.  This hole is for a shoe string.  Below I will have a Video posted soon how to use this feature. This is the first time any wrap has had any feature of any kind built into it.

The last thing I would like to mention about these wraps is how Aggressive they are for a rebound wrap and how comfortable they are for being so.
Quick rundown and review: 

2. Thickest, Heaviest Rebound style wrap out
3. Aggressive, yet comfortable enough for a few reps
4. Good choice to wide range of squatting styles
5. Proven by Lilliebrige with a World Record Raw Squat of 1052 lbs
24in Wrist Wraps
The same material also comes in Wrist wraps. It's one of the better wraps for wrist. Great all around wraps due to how comfortable they are yet proved enough support for the heaviest sets. Being a stretcher wrap you can get more revolutions around the wrist. So most can get away with just 24in length. If you’re a Big bencher or thick wrist joint, Get the 36in. 

The Loop is thick and feels solid. Should hold up well over time. The Velcro is good and High Quality. You won't seen any problems from it for years.