LPG Muscle
I was given the opportunity to test out a new piece of gym equipment from LPG Muscle. If anyone knows me, they know I bring ½ the gym with me. 
I like trying new equipment and trying new things out. I like the fact this piece of equipment is small enough to throw in my gym bag. 
What I’m writing about today is a simple way to do T-Bar Rows. I use to just use a V-Handle slapped under the Barbell. This new attachment from LPG Muscle is pretty slick. It has a few advantages. 

One is where it attaches at. This attachment slides over the Sleeve. So it attaches up to 2in farther up. Which gives you a bit better leverage to keep the other end planted In the corner easier. Not a huge difference, but it does help. The second advantage is the Handles are on a short Heavy Duty Cable. Lets you adjust your hands anyway you want. This gives you the ability to target your back/biceps in different ways. These Free Style Handles also allow you to get a better squeeze at the top of your pull. Having the ability to change the angle of you grip will also allow you to work around some injuries caused my grip.

The last advantage I can see is just convenience more than anything. It raises the plates off the ground for easier removal.
There just isn’t much to say about a simply designed piece of equipment like this. If you gym doesn’t have a T-Bar station. Or is like mine where it’s a chest supported T-Bar station. Which I don’t like much as when you get into heavier weight it just smashes your chest into the pad. 

At the time of writing this I’m not sure what the price will be, but I’m guessing it would be more than a V-Handle Cable Attachment. It will come down to If the above advantages out way the extra cost.

So all in all I’m happy with this and I’ve used it every week so far. It’s been holding up great. I’ve loaded 180lbs on it just fine. They have another T-Bar attachment without the Legs to prop the weight up for $65 It's as a 1000lb pull rating and a lifetime replacement guarantee. So lets hope it's close to the same spec's.

It’s passed my approval process. As long as the price isn’t too much, this is a solid portable piece of gym equipment. 
Rating               4 out of 5