Mavic Air Stealth Propellers by Master AirScrew

The DJI Mavic Air is an incredible Drone, but it’s not perfect. Yes it shoots 4k, outstanding portability and is the best drone on the market for under $1000. Yet it has one downside that many will agree with. It’s not the quietest Drone. Sounds like a large swarm of killer bees.
This has been a complaint from many Mavic Air pilots since the introduction of the Mavic Air back in Jan 2018. Since DJI has yet to come up with their own solution. That left the door open for aftermarket support.

Normally I don’t buy aftermarket propellers, due to cheap knock offs are many times made from crap molds and not balanced well. Master AirScrew is the only company I would make that exception for. Don’t believe me. Just take a look at who they are and how they became the top propeller manufacturer in the world.


I received my MAS Propellers over a Month ago and have around 20 battery packs through them.  I had them installed within 5mins of getting them out of the mailbox. I didn’t change anything buy the propellers for my first flight. Just switched them out and took off. As soon as the motors start up you can tell a HUGE difference is the noise. It’s a slightly lower pitch and about ½ has loud too.  How do they do this? The propellers are just a hair longer, but the biggest change is the pitch and width. These changes might not look like much, but the amount of air they can move over Stock propellers is enough for the Mavic Air Motors to slow down RPM’s by 20% to achieve stock Thrust.
Now Master AirScrew claims -3.5db drop which in return gives a 50% noise reduction. I haven’t measured this to confirm, but I feel it has to be close. It’s a very noticeable difference. Another claim they have is a 12% increase in Flight time due to how efficient the new Propellers are. Up to 2.5min longer flight times. (hovering)

Now depending on your firmware of your Mavic Air. Some (Most) are getting a Motor current error. Which is happening mainly in Sport Mode. This is due to the improved efficiency of the propellers, incorrectly recognized by the drone controller as a potential problem. This can be fixed by going into your Advanced settings and changing all your GAIN settings from 100% to 80%.  See how to chnage GAIN setting below.

This error might not even show up and it more likely to in Sport Mode or aggressive flying. No With my 20 battery packs I’ve flown about 75% of that time has been in Position Mode (P) and the other 25% has been in Sport mode (S).  I never got the warning till I was 12 Battery packs in.