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APS really brought their A Game when they produced Mesomorph. APS didn’t come out with any new, latest, un-researched ingredient profile. Instead they went with the proven profile. A profile many companies have abandoned due to FDA pressure. APS brought back DMAA to the market. 
Remember the old Jack 3d and C4 days? Well they are back in the form of Mesomorph from APS.  Seems like DMAA is back for now (for the time being).  Hi-Tech Pharma is the Marker APS product and is in legal actions right now over it. So depending on the outcome this might be your last shot to pick up some.
Mesomorph Ingredients
Mesomorph uses 3 different proprietary blends
The first is the Synthenox-Carnosine / Nitric Oxide Complex (6.5g).   One of my Favorite ingredients in a Pre-workout is Beta-Alanine. Now most companies only use about 1.5g or maybe at the most 2g, but 2g is rare to see. APS knocks it out of the park with a MASSIVE 3.2g of Beta-Alanine(BA). Along with BA is Citrulline Malate and Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate. Citrulline Malate is also something you need to see in a pre-workout.  Citrulline is a great if not the best at fighting fatigue and raising APT productions. Citrulline even does a better job than AAKG for increasing Nitric Oxide levels, but APS added some AAKG for good measure to stack with the Creatine Nitrate for even better pumps.
The second is the Mesoswell-Cell Volumizing ATP Matrix (4.5mg).  Comes with creatine in two different  forms, Di-Creatine Malate and Creatine Nitrate. Research shows that these two forms of creatine have less bloat, absorbs better and provides better pumps over Creatine Monohydrate . To finish this all off Taurine was added to this blend. Taurine will help with getting that Pump, but will also help with DOMs.
The third is Neuromorph-Neuro Energized Stimulant Matrix (1.87g). Of course we have Caffeine Anhydrous listed first. Caffeine is a long time proven energy booster, improves mood and will increase your endurance.
Next we have Geranium Oil Extract, a.k.a. DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine) and this is what give Mesomorph it’s Laser like focus. It does come in a large dose of 65mg. There is research showing 75mg is a safe Dose that doesn’t cause sides, but 65mg is getting up there. If your new to DMAA or haven’t used it for a while. APS suggests you start with a ½ scoop and slowly work your way to a full dose. 
With Caffeine and Geranium you are going to have a massive crash right? Wrong, APS added Theobromine. Theobromine with stacked with Caffeine and Geranium it greatly reduces the crash associated with High amounts of Stims.
Mesomorph will not disappoint. It’s one of if not the most powerful pre-workout on the market right now. From all the reviews I have seen (over 200) have been 5 star. So the re-introduction of DMAA back to the market is being widely accepted.
Ingredient Profile 9/10 - Now I would gives this a 10/10, but I I'd rather not see Property blends. Other than that, it's great and a solid contender.  

Mix-ability 10/10 - Absolutely Zero Issues here. Everything mixed up in a bottle real easy. Never found Clumps. 

Performance 9/10 - Simple and proven results. Get ready to smash the weights and set some new PRs. Even with Taurine to help offset a crash. There is still a bit of a crash, but not bad at all but on the other hand. Many users say they are not experiencing any crash at all.

Cost 8/10 - Avg. price here. Roughly $30 for 25 servings. 

Overall 9/10