I'm in the search for a better Pre-Work out Supplement that provides a Great Pump with a boost of Energy... Over the years I have been lifting and I have tried many products. 100's of them easy. The first NO I took was called NO2 from GNC. Shit cost like $90 for a bottle. Thats been about 10yrs ago. It was the first one to hit the Market. All it had was AAKG dosed around 3000mg. Nothing else.... Pumps were great. I loved it. From there I switched to Pinnacle's NoX2. And the list continues from there.

The one thing I never really tried a lot was things like Fat Burners and stimulates. These things have always made be feel sick. So I have steered clear of them.

A buddy of mine gave me a sample of Jack3d. About 2 scoops. Maybe 2.5 Scoops... Got a small tingle feeling, Pump was OK, Weights were up and felt better good. Over all not bad. I was just looking for a better Pump is all.

So I went to Supplement SuperStore to pick me up a small tub of it. I get in there and the guy working starts pitching me crap about Muscle Spike by Muscle Fortress. He tells me 2-3 scoops of jack3d is what 1 scoop of Muscle Spike is. They both cost pretty close and they both had the same about of Servings. So my thinking was. Muscle Spike should last at least twice as long for just a few bucks more.

Then he shows me MUSCLE SPIKE XT.... Says it's the big brother of the normal Muscle Spike. Stats if guys who get used to that. They use this.... Checked the price and it was the same. So If it's stronger and better. I'll give it a Shot.

A couple of Ingredient differences I saw that I like between the Normal Muscle Spike and the XT version. The XT had no Caffeine and has 1500mg of Citrulline Malate. Which is a great thing to go with L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate. Which is only had 1500mg of that in it. Had 1500mg of Creatine as well. Which isn't enough for crap. Thats only 1.5g... Basically filler and to look good on the label. IMO

The label doesn't stat when to take it. Just says before your work out. 99% of other N.O.'s and Pre-Work drinks stat a time frame. Normal 30-45min Before. So I asked him since he knew so much about it. He said he felt it with in 20mins.

So at 9:45 I take one Scoop. The scoop itself is about twice the size has the Jack3d. So it's physically is twice what Jack3d is...Kind of what he said.... 

I started warmign up. Did 10min on the Bike. Then started doing light weight movements for my shoulders to loosen and warm them up. I did Side raises and rear Delt cables. 

About 45min to 50min in. I'm doing Seated DB Military Press. This stuff should be kicking in and feeling great by now... NOPE... 10:30 and still nothing.

Finished my work out with Upright rows, Shurgs, Rear Delt Machine and side Delt Machine.

My Strength was up but it's been going up for the last week or so. It wasn't anything I think I couldn't do with out. Hell it was like taking nothing anyway.... Not even a placebo effect....

Tomorrow is Bi's/Tri's and Forearms. I'll try two scoops then. I'm thinking it should work then. Going from 1500mg of AAKG and 1500mh of C.M... to 3000mg each. Puts it at the dosage it needs to be anyway for Pumps.

I will post up a Pic of the Label later. I couldn't even find this stuff online any where. Not even Muscle Fortress's website has the MUSCLE SPIKE XT listed as a Product.

So my first day and my REVIEW of MUSCLE SPIKE XT is a 0/10..
Day Two of the Muscle Spike XT Review:

Upped the Does to 2 rounded Scoops @ 9:30

By 9:40 I could feel the Tingle in my ears and cheek.
By 10:10 The tingling moved to my back.

By the dose I took today. Approx. 3000mg of AAKG, 3000mg of CM and 3000mg of BA... Thats a pretty solid Stack alone.

I pushed myself today on Arms. 

I had a couple Personal Record's... Used three 45lbs plates for Weight Dips.

My mental focus was great. I felt like I could go on and on. I was in the gym for a good hour and was still ready to pound the weights afterwards.

The Pump was better, but not any better then other NO's really. I think the one to two punch of the Stim's with the NO action is where its at.

The Stims give you the Boost of Energy and mental focus you need to pound the weights. You can do more and go longer. Which in return should give bigger pumps. Then the NO kicks in and helps out...

My over all rating is:

Taste: 9/10... Noy bad at all. Mixed super easy as well.
Pump: 7/10... Just above average
Mental Focus...8/10 At approx. 3g of BA... It should be good
Energy: 9/10... felt great, but lets see how it does mid next week.

Over all huge improvement from yesterday.

Biggest downside is the tard at Supplement Superstore who over Hyped it. It's also about $10 more in price then jack3d..

After this tub is gone..(Should be a couple weeks) Me and my wife wil be using it. I will take a couple of weeks off of any Stims and NO. Then I'm going to try Pump Fixx or YOK3d.
Like to add one more thing.... Looking at the doeses of the stuff in this. Some improvements I would do to Muscle Spike XT to make it that much better...

Take out the 1500mg of Creatine and up the AAKG to 2500mg and the BA to 2000mg per Scoop... It would make this stuff last much longer. The Creatine is doesed so low it's acting like a Filler. Waste of space. IMO..... By upping the AAKG and BA.. You should be able to take 1.5 Scoops to get the same effects as 2 Scoops would have done. The Serving per Tub is 40 scoops. Div. by 2 is 20... Now with the changes I would make. You can get 26 instead of 20. That adds 6 more days of use out of the tub...