NeoForce Performance
NeoForce is a new Smaller company with a promising product line. I was lucky enough to run a tub of their Whey Force and AminoForce. NeoForce is a company that is out to bring the best products to you. They don't hide behind Proprietary Blends and they don't Amino Spike their Protein like so many others have been caught doing and cont. to do so. This is HUGE for customers.

I like working with smaller companies that have this mind set. So many are out to make a quick buck before their customers figure out the products are bunk and diluted. NeoForce is Smart and know if they want to last and build a name brand. Their Products need to the best. I believe NeoForce has done a pretty good job with this and has brought a very strong product line.

Flavor - Strawberry

Taste 8/10- I like getting Strawberry as it normally taste just has good in Water as in Milk. Now the Strawberry Flavoring NeoForce has. Doesn't taste anything like Strawberry. It taste good and is fine, but Strawberry it is not. It's more of a Sweet Vanilla or Birthday Cake Batter to me anyway. Only docking it for the Strawberry Flavoring. The Vanilla and Chocolate are perfectly Fine.

Ingredient Profile 10/10 - Great Profile.. Very Simple, only 4 ingredients, YES I said only 4 ingredients. I like that a lot and No AMINO SPIKING...

Mix-ability 10/10 - Absolutely Zero Issues here. Everything mixed up in a Shaker real easy. Never found Clumps. No Blender needed. Even without that nifty wire blender ball, it mixes just fine.

Performance 9/10 - With only 100 Calories, 1.5g Fat, 3g Carbs and 20g of Protein. It's sitting pretty good and is either on pare with other great companies or better. The 100 Calories per scoop is great. I see a lot of others at 120-130 range for one Scoop. So if your watching you Calories. Your saving 60 calories in 2 Scoops. That might not seem a lot to many, but if you have every watched your calories intake close. Many times 60 Calories helps. It's an extra Whole Egg for Breakfast.

Cost 9/10 - At first I thought it was kind of high, but I broke the numbers down and it came out cheaper then what I have been buying from Hyvee. $59.99 for the Tub, but it has 49 Servings.. That comes out to 85 cents a Scoop or $1.70 for 2 Scoops.

Overall 9/10 - I can recommend WheyForce. Even though the Taste is good it just didn't hit that Strawberry Flavor. NeoForce makes it up in every other category. It's a protein source you can count on.

Flavor - Sweet Apple

Taste 9/10 - Very easy to drink and almost a perfect apple flavor. It's not a sour apple. It taste like those small green apples you pull off an apple tree in your back yard.

Ingredient Profile 10/10 - A Simple and proven 2:1:1 Ratio of BCAA's, but NeoForce didn't stop there. They added Glycine, which has a lot of nice benefits for many things. Like Sleep, recovery, immune and more. Wait, NeoForce didn't stop there. They added PeptoPro as well. PeptoPro contains all 20 amino acids needed for muscle protein synthesis. You get a solid 7g of BCAA's per Serving.

Mixability 9/10 - To me it mixes like every other BCAA I have came across. It dissolved just fine, but leaves a nice thick foamy residue on the top. After a few Minutes to slowly goes away.

Cost 9/10 - BCAA's are not the cheapest supplements you can buy, but at $1.33 per Serving. Cost is about as much as a 20oz Soda. So still every affordable for the avg. person.

Overall 9/10 - Again another fine product from NeoForce. Affordable, effective and taste good. What else do you need?