Elite Barbell Collars


· Sold in Pairs
· Made in the USA
· Designed to be used on 50mm Olympic Bar Sleeves
· 6061 Billet Aircraft Grade Aluminum
· Rubberized interior lining to protect bar
· Locking clamp mechanism for secure hold
I have been using the OSO Clamps for a few weeks now and they are great. I choose the Elite style because it looked easy to grip and hang on to. I went with the bright green because I figured they would be easier to spot in my gym bag or across the gym, both was true.

The first time I used these I used them on a Texas Deadlift Bar. They were very hard to slide on. I had to twist them back and forth to get on. They did slide on easy on every other bar in the gym. The good news was after a couple of weeks of use. They slid on the Deadlift bar just fine now and hold tight. In over 4 weeks, I haven't had either clamp move and I don't think they will either.

OSO has many different color choices and you can have lettering or custom logo added as well for just a few buck more. You can add a nice little carrying case if you like. They are very nice looking clamps and I know some of you might not want to get yours banged up. The case will also help you keep them together when not in use. 

Couple of Tips:
If they are hard to slide on. Just rub a little chalk on them. Don't worry it won't effect the gripping power much. I've done it a few times and never had an issue. When they get too dirty, just wipe them off with a wet rag and your good. When first using these. Keep in mind when taking them off. When you flip the lever back to loosen. It has some force to it and it might smack a finger or two. Kind of smarts a little.

They have a 2yr Warranty. They will either send parts to fix or replace the whole clamp.