OSO Mini Bar

Made in the USA
Weight:  5 lbs
Overall length 48 inches
Between Collars 39.5 inches
22mm Diameter
Light knurling with ring markers
Sleeves fit OSO Barbell Clamps
50 lbs added Maximum weight
Made from 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum

My son started showing an interest in going to the gym to train with me. So I started bringing him and worked on the basics. We did box jumps, pull ups, push-ups, and some dumbbell work. All was great, but he wants to Powerlift. Well you can’t Powerlift without learning the basic barbell movements.  Squat, Bench and Deadlift. Quickly found out at his age and size, a full-size barbell was too much to handle so soon. He did pick up Deadlifts quick enough to use a full-size bar with just 2 gym visits. However Squats and Bench was a different story. The full length Bar was too much to balance and too much weight to start with.

So I remember seeing a kids Barbell when I ordered up my OSO Barbell Clamps which I love. Figured if there Barbell is as nice has these clamps. I’ll be happy. Made the order and had the Barbell with in the week. My son couldn’t wait to try it out. When it showed up, I was immediately impressed with it. The craftsmanship was great. Very detailed and everything you would expect to see on a full-size barbell.

Squats: On squats the OSO Mini Bar came in handy for two reasons. Weight of a normal barbell is 45lbs. When a young kid weighs just 60lbs and is learning. 45lbs is too much. The second reason was the overall length of a normal barbell at 7.5ft. Between that and the weight, it’s too much of a struggle to use. Hard to teach the basic’s if one rep is a struggle. The Mini Bar is light enough he can easily place it on his back and move it around to squat with.
Bench: For the same reasons as Squats. Weight and Length played a big factor for bench press. The OSO Mini Bar also has ring markers. This helped him remember where to grip the bar when setting up his bench.

We have used it for Overhead press, Barbell Curls, Squats, Front Squats and Bench Press so far. It has worked out great for all of these lifts.

The only downside is the length when it comes to racking it. Not one Squat rack, power cage or bench worked with the barbell.