Parallel Breakers by Lifting Large
Lifting Large did a pretty good job producing a high quality and affordable knee wrap.  At well under $40 for a pair of knee wraps is great compared to many being sold for over $50 and even up into the $80’s. These wraps have a good combination of stretch and cast. The material isn’t has stiff as some of the heavier cast like wraps. They are however just stiff enough with the combine of stretch to be really cranked down and provide that cast like support.  The longer they are on the tighter the get as well.  
The quality of these wraps is just as nice as the higher priced ones I have used.  Don’t let the lower price of these wraps throw them off to the side has being weak. These are by far better than other wraps I have used in the lower $30 price range.

Onto the Wrist wraps, I was pretty impressed with the Knee Wraps, but even more impressed with the Wrist Wraps. That same combo of stretch and stiffness is perfect for heavy Squat and Bench. These have been my go to wrist wraps for months now. Starting at only $12.95 you cannot go wrong with these.  I ordered 24in wraps for myself and highly recommend them.

Lifting Large Parallel Breakers 2.5m
-Weight - 12.73oz
-Length - 95.5in
-Width - 3in
-Thickness - 4mm
-10in Stretch Test - 15.5in
-Stiff, Cast like