PEAK400 and Con-Cret
PEAK400 and Con-Cret

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So what is Peak400 and Con-Cret? Peak400 is made up of Adenosine-5’-triphosphate or ATP. Con-Cret is Creatine hydrochloride or HCL. ATP is the body’s immediate source of energy. This is used for things like weightlifting and sprinting. ATP breaks up during a process called hydrolysis and this breaking is what creates a great deal of energy. When this happens, adenosine diphosphate or ADP is formed. From my research, the body has a small stash of ATP at one given time. So you run out fast. This is where Creatine is supposed to help out. Once creatine is inside the muscle cell, a phosphate bonds to it and now is creatine phosphate or CP. When energy is needed, the CP molecules break apart and produce ADP to re-form ATP. ATP is then able to begin the energy cycle again.
I found a few studies on ATP supplementation. Nothing huge stood out as no one showed a large increase in size or strength. Not one study showed a 1RM increase, but all the studies where short term (15days). With 400mg supplementation, they did show it took more reps for the muscles to fatigue. To me I would think over time this would help your 1RM increase. 

When it comes to creatine, Monohydrate is King IMO. Some experience stomach pain or cramps with creatine mono. Some internet guru’s think Creatine’s like; Creatine Nitrate, Citrate and hydrochloride (HCL) are more water soluble then mono and usually handle the stomach issues. I have never had stomach issues with any form of Creatine. 

I ran a log for around 4 weeks. First two weeks was Peak400 alone. Then I brought in Con-cret for the last two weeks. During this log I never really experienced anything beyond my expectations of Creatine. I had no Side effects of any kind. This Combo did work and wasn’t a waste of time. My muscles looked more full and pumped all day, but not anymore then when I run Creatine Mono and powdered Gatorade. So the staking of Peak400 and Con-cret showed no benefits over just running creatine alone. 
After I ran this stack and started doing a little more research. Someone brought a brand new study to my attention and by brand new. I mean just last week it was published. From my findings of the short 4 weeks wasn’t much and I wasn’t going to recommend it. Muscle takes time to grow. You have to break it down, repair it and keep doing that. That just takes time to do. It doesn’t happen overnight. No matter what supplement you use, 4 weeks isn’t enough time really. This new study was over 12 weeks. This is the best study to date on ATP supplementation on Trained Athletes. There were 21 trained athletes. Out of those 21, 11 were given 400mg of orally ATP for 12 weeks. These 12 athletes Squat increased 12.9% and Deadlifts by 16.4%. This is twice as high as the placebo group. Which had 4.4% and 8.5% increase. Results really didn’t start showing till week 8,9 and 10. So my 4 week run was short compared this study. Also the study showed an increase in lean body mass in only the ATP group. Quad size in the ATP group increased 9.4% compared to the placebo group who increased 4.9%. After reading this study, I’m very interested in running and would recommend someone to give it a shot, but to give it time and allow more than just a few weeks for results.
Pro-Mera Sports is an innovative company. Producing new supplements others haven’t. They are pushing the envelope and really bringing cutting edge supplements to the table.

The taste, mixing, etc was all great. When I received the products, I also was given a bunch of sample packs as well in different flavors. Lemon Lime and Blue Raspberry being my favorite flavors out of them all. Snake Fruit was my least favorite, but still not bad. Just different really.

99% of the Time I just use Mono, because it's proven time and time again to work, but every once in a while I like to try different or new forms of creatine. These new forms always cost more. Con-cret comes in at .60 cents a serving. Which doesn’t seem bad, but you can get Mono for .10 cents and even less per serving and this is from legit supplement Companies like ON, Dymatize and others. If you’re like me and want to try a new form of creatine or Mono upsets your stomach. Give Con-cret a try, but I’m going to stick with Mono as it works just fine for me.

What’s my take on ATP? The ATP results are similar to 12 week studies on Creatine Mono. I Found a study were in 12 weeks. The Creatine group increased strength by 24% vs. Placebo group with 18%. The Creatine group also gained 5lbs of muscle. Sounds a lot like the ATP Study. 

Is supplementing ATP and Creatine the same thing just in different ways? 

“Peak ATPs (PEAK400™) main methods of action are to increase ATP in the blood, not the muscle.  And we know that ATP in the blood is the most essential aspect to increasing blood flow during exercise which impacts a vasodilation response and the delivery of key nutrients to muscle.  It is also essential for muscle excitability; muscle velocity and power.” – ProMera Sports

Which is best and is there a benefit of stacking them? I don’t know, but this is something I’m going to find out for myself. ProMera has a buy 2 get one free online. So you can have 90 day supply of Peak400 for 55 cents a day. So if you are running creatine now or not. I suggest giving Peak400 a shoot, but give it a fair run and at least 8 weeks.
I’d like to see a controlled study on the stacking of these supplements vs. ran solo.

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