Pioneer Fitness

10mm Thick Lever Belt 

Double suede

The Pioneer 10mm Thick Double Suede 10cm Lever Power Lifting Belts are great for everyone from professional bodybuilders to the beginner trying to get stronger. This belt is designed to protect and support the back during heavy lifts. It is constructed of genuine sole leather with a patented nickel plated steel lever for ease of use and finished with high quality garment suede on both sides in a huge variety of colors. These 10cm lever power lifting belts are meant to last so we decided that they should come with a “Lifetime Warranty”!  €œMade in the U.S.A.
 When I started looking for a belt for my wife, I decided to go back to Pioneer Fitness. I already had one belt, a pair of knee wraps from Pioneer and extremely happy with both of those. I choose to get here a 10mm double suede lever belt. Once the order was place the belt showed up in just a few days.

When I got the belt I checked it all over and compared it to my last lever belt. The construction is nice and on par with other high end belts. The lever wasn’t chromed like my last one, but had a satin look to it.

With a simple screw driver and a minute or two, I had it sized and fitted for the wife. I’m not sure what type of metal the Lever is made from, but it seems to be stronger than a cheaper lever belt I had before or at least machined better. The very first time I adjusted my lever belt from another company. One of the bolts was stripped. Either who ever assembled it did it, or the manufacture did a poor job threading it because I felt the threads give loose when loosening it.  I’ve adjusted this one a few times with Zero issues.

The belt itself is nice and stiff. It’s stiffer then some 13mm belts I have come across. The leather looks good and the suede inner is a nice touch. Custom lettering can be added for a decent price too. Between the many color choices and lettering added. You can get yourself a very unique One of a Kind looking belt.

Overall the belt is made well and looks great. I don’t see this belt failing anytime soon and Pioneer Fitness knows this. That’s why it comes with a LIFE TIME Warranty. Doesn’t get much better then that. One last thing, it’s nice to know it’s made in the USA.

Added: 03/16/16
These pictures are after 1.5yrs of use. A little banged up, but holding strong and not really showing much signs of wear.
Thad (verified owner) – July 30, 2015:
When I decided to buy a power lifting belt I did my research and it came down to really two companies, General Leather craft and the other company (rhymes with minzer).
The other company said 4-6 weeks at best for delivery. I call General Leather Craft spoke to Matt who helped my figure out my size, and also told me colors where NOT a special order. I order a size large grey belt on Monday 6/20 – it ARRIVED Saturday 6/25. Outstanding Quality, the buckle is very solid and easy to position. The best way I describe this belt, is when I showed it to my friends who are much more serious lifters than I am they said the same thing “Yeah, I should of bought this belt instead of the one I have” – You cannot go wrong with the belt or General Leather craft!

Javier Ocampo (verified owner) – November 28, 2015:
I purchased a custom belt for a Christmas gift for my wife. I order it in the beginning of November assuming it would take a month to receive; however, it’s 11/28 and its already wrapped and under the tree. Personally, I ordered a belt from another company and did not receive it for 2 months, and received no tracking information. Pioneer called me to go over questions they had on my customized options I selected–the customer service person I spoke with was very helpful/professional.
The belt I ordered is a Wonder Woman themed belt, and the quality is exactly what I anticipated–worth every penny. I have recommended Pioneer to anyone I speak with about lifting belts. I can’t wait to get my own belt from them. Thank you Pioneer, and Merry Christmas ~

Danny Tran (verified owner) – February 1, 2016:
I purchased this belt late last year and after a few months of use, I can say that this is a great bang for the buck. High quality, Amazing Customer Service and super quick shipping. My only gripe (small complaint) the suede on the belt is starting to peel off and the holes that lock the lever are starting to get larger. This is probably just due to normal use, but other than that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another belt from these guys.