Police Rear Sway bar info and install 05-10

Like all my upgrades and installs. I research for a long time and do all my own installs. Trying to get the best bang for the buck. This has worked out pretty well for me. I have saved $1000's. When it was time to look for some new Sway bars. This time was no different. I started E-mailing and calling every local salvage yard looking for a SRT8 or Police Charger. Was lucky and found a Police Charger but it was the rear only. Came with everything thou. Which I needed since I didn't have a rear to start with. I did buy new OEM replacement end links ($10 each) as the bushing on these were cracked. The Sway Bar bushings themselves looked new. The Sway bar, Brackets, end links and Bushings from the Salvage yard cost me $60 out the door. New end links another $20. So I have $80 invested. Not to bad at all.

Here is what my Bar looked like right before install. All sanded down and Painted up. Just used some Spray Paint I already had..

The Rear Bar measured 20.88mm.. So it's a 20mm...I'm still rocking the stock front 25mm Sway bar, but I have one on the way.

Here is the sizes of most of the Sway bars out. Far as I know these are the numbers I have seen confirmed.

Here are the Sizes of Front and Rear Charger Sway Bars from Factory
SE- 25mm Front, Nothing Rear
SXT- 25mm Front, Nothing Rear (might be lucky and have 12mm or 15mm, Touring pkg)
R/T- 27mm Front (a few had 30mm), Rears 15mm
SRT8- 30mm Front (a few had 27), Rears 15mm
Police Package- 30mm Front, Rears 20mm solid or 22mm Hollow

Size of Aftermarket Sways and Approx. Price (without shipping)
Eibach- Front 30mm, Rear 16mm -- Price $329+
Hotchkis - Front 35mm, Rear 19mm -- Price $429+
Belltech - Front 32mm, Rear 22mm -- Price $375+
Stack Performance Chubby Pro - Front 38mm, Rear 19mm -- Price $432+
ST Performance - Front 32mm, Rear 22mm -- Price $378+
Progress Auto - Front 35mm, Rear 22mm -- Price $356+
Whiteline - Front 32mm, Rear 18mm -- Price $384+
Mopar Performance Kit P4510842 Front 32mm, Rear 22mm -- Price $425+
Police Package - Front 30mm (4782544AC), Rear 22mm (68184227AA) -- Price $112+$90 = $202+ (without bushing)
Hellwig - Front Only 32mm -- Price $139+

As you can see the SP Chubby Pro is the Largest front bar at 38mm and the Largest rear is 22mm. I thought I saw a 25mm rear some where, but can't seem to find it now. For a V6 guy with a 25mm front and no rear or even just the 15mm if your lucky. The best bang for the buck are used SRT8's and Police Sway Bars. Just remember you may need the rear hardware to mount your new sway bar. Many of the SRT8 take offs don't have rear hardware when sold. You should be able to find brackets and bolts pretty cheap from salvage yards. Any year from 2005-2010 from any LX will work on these. You can also buy them from the Dealer and maybe a local parts store like O'Reilly's.

So the Rear Police Sway Bar even if bought new is the best Bang for the Buck. Giving you a 22mm Hollow bar.