"Country Power Inc. is the manufacturer of Power Hooks, which is a patented and trademarked product. Power Hooks stay with your dumbbells and hang onto any overhead barbell. This puts you in proper lifting position without having to lift the dumbbell from the floor nor having to drop them back onto the floor after the exercise. Power Hooks also provide a better way to handle and spot dumbbells."
I saw these in a Muscle Magazine years ago and just had to have these. I've owned a set for 7-8yrs now. The main things these were sold for was to pre-load your weight. So you don't have to fling the weights off your knees and make that first press. At first I found them very awkward to use. One would hang up on the Barbell when trying to lift off. That or the Powerhook would hit the Barbell during the set. Over some time you find a groove for it to work better, but still felt awkward at time. When using Very Heavy DB's with the Powerhooks attached. It's hard at times just to get them on the  Barbell.
The best I have found to use these is for Dips and Pull ups. With all that said. They do come in handy once in a while. So I keep them in my Gym Bag. They don't take up much room.  They didn't workout as good as I thought they would. It seemed I wasted more energy trying get them hooked on the Barbell then just flinging them up off my knees. But I do like using them for Dips and Pull ups. They are also made very well and will last forever. Thats why they even got a 4 out of 10. It's been 6yrs and they still look kind of new.

Final Score 4 out of 10...After 6yrs of use. 

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