ProLoc Collars

ProLoc Collar's are my favorite collars for one main reason. They fit every bar I have.  Saftey Squat Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar, Rogue Power Bar, Rogue Econ2.0 Bar and all the Free Weight Machines at the gym.

They slide on easy and tighten down with ease. I've used a few different brands and designs of collars and they all seem to be to snug or a pain to slide on specialty bars. These take no force to put on or take off. 

ProLoc has 4 basic options.
1. The Basic one like pictured.

2.  Has Magnets inserted in the collar. So you can stick it to the Squat Rack while switching plates or for storage.

3. Has Chain attachments built it. 

4. Is a barbell lock. Lets you secure your barbell when your not around. 

To use them is straightforward. Back of the Knob. Slide on barbell. Tighten Knob down. You don't have to apply tons of force tightening down either and I would advice not doing that either. Just snug it good.  The collar is made from strength nylon, but why push it.

And of course you can order different colors and even have it engraved.
The Knob simply tightens down on the Metal Roller to clamp onto the barball.
Different engavings can be made when ordering straight from proloc.
Real Customer Reviews

If you are looking for collars that really work. You got to ditch the lockjaws or spring collars. I bring my own Proloc collars everywhere I go to any public gyms because while the collars in the gyms might be sufficient it might not be good enough. I'm not being a gym snob but when you are Deadlifting or Squatting in excess of 700lbs, you need collars that will hold strong and know that they just work! And if you are looking for a pair, hit up the guys at Proloc Collars! They are having a HUGE discount. You won't go wrong on this one! If it's good enough to be used by the various international strongman competitions and used by many strength athletes, It's good enough for me! That's why I have mine customized and I'm looking forward to them!

Ahmad Taufig Muhammad November 27th, 2015 10:51 am

These collars are the best. Some of the reasons why "they just work" are the collars are user friendly, sturdy, strong, and reliable. Since using Proloc Collars, I spend more time training now and less time fumbling with spring collars. I use them with great confidence. Kudos to the company for making such an awesome product. Thanks!

Mike Manzo  October 5th, 2013 12:13 am

5 stars "am quite pleased with them"

ByMom6xon May 28, 2017
I purchased a safety squat bar that did not come with collars and the size of the bar was a little smaller than normal such that the several different types of collars I already had were too large to fit snugly. These did the trick and work very well. I am quite pleased with them.