I heard of Pulse from a buddy on one of the forums I’m on. He stated it had clinically effective dosages and worked well. So I checked Legions site out and looked it over. I was amazed I haven’t tried it before.

Legion didn’t hide behind a proprietary blends. We see this a lot in the supplement world. Special in Pre-workouts, they all claim they are hiding some special blend and protecting their brand. That’s 100% BS, we see the same ingredients in the pre-workouts over and over again. I’ve tried so many Pre-workouts, I’ve gotten a little picky on what I like in my Pre-workout. I like large amounts of L-Citrulline and I can’t get enough Beta-Alanine.  If you have tried some of the lesser Pre-workouts and then try a high quality one, like Pulse. You can feel the difference. Even though they say they have the same ingredients.
Legion did their research and kept it simple. I can only make one suggestion and that would to add Taurine into the mixture. Other than that it’s perfect. They have one of the best Pre-workouts on the Market for sure. Hands down a must try for anyone looking into pre-workouts.
Ingredient profile
L-Citrulline - Citrulline has replaced L-Arginine in most new pre-workouts . Citrulline has been shown to give better and longer lasting pumps. Legion put 8g of Citrulline in Pulse which is twice as much as 99% of the other pre-workouts. 

Beta-Alanine - This is what gives you the tingles. But it does so much more then that. Beta-Alanine is the limiting factor for increasing Carnosine in your muscles. Carnosine is what keeps your muscles stronger for longer periods. While you workout. Lactic acid builds up and your muscles lose the ability to contract with a force. Carnosine is what buffers that and allows you to get those extra reps or run longer. 
Ornithine Ornithine has many benefits. From reducing fatigue, detoxifying cells and even helps burn fat.
Betaine - Improves muscle endurance, Increases strength, Increases growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 production in response to acute exercise  

Theanine - Reduces the effects of mental and physical stress, Increases the production of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow, Improves alertness, focus, attention, memory, mental task performance, and mood 

Here is a good question I found on Amazon that was asked by a reader and Legion answered...

 How can you claim to have no artificial junk, when maltodextrin and "natural and artificial flavors" are listed on the label?

        Good question!
There is less than 1 gram of malto per 20-gram serving to cut the bitterness of the amino acids and to help with clumping.
Regarding the flavoring, natural flavoring means just that--not MSG (which wouldn't make sense in a product like this anyway). Before launching the line, I did quite a bit of rese… see more Good question!
There is less than 1 gram of malto per 20-gram serving to cut the bitterness of the amino acids and to help with clumping.
Regarding the flavoring, natural flavoring means just that--not MSG (which wouldn't make sense in a product like this anyway). Before launching the line, I did quite a bit of research on artificial flavoring and couldn't find any valid, science-based reason to avoid it completely (not a single clinical indication of negative interactions in the body). Artificial sweeteners, on the other hand, are another story--there's a growing body of evidence that regular consumption can indeed harm our health. All that said, I'm actually working on switching it to 100% natural flavoring just because. :) It just takes a bit more time with this product because masking the bitterness of the aminos WITHOUT artificial sweetener or tons of malto is tough.
Hope this helps.

Founder of LEGION 
By Mike Matthews

Some Reviews from other real customers

Best preworkout I've used - with NO proprietary blends or artificial sweeteners

By Kurt Pollack on March 31, 2015
Flavor Name: Fruit Punch Verified Purchase
PULSE is by far the best pre-workout supplement I have ever used. The energy rush is smooth and doesn't cause me any jitters; on the other side of the workout, it doesn't cause any significant "crash" sensation. The pumps are great without becoming distracting. The Beta-Alanine dosage is perfect; enough that you can feel the paresthesia, but not so much that it's irritating. I haven't tried the grape flavor, but the fruit punch is one of the best-tasting supplement powders I've used. It mixes almost instantly in a shaker bottle.

This is the second Legion product I have used and I look forward to trying more. Don't be intimidated by the price; the 21 servings should serve as 42 for most people. My lifts last between one and a half and two hours, including cardio at the end, and one scoop is plenty. I really respect Legion for using only scientifically backed ingredients, being transparent about their dosages, and for using natural sweeteners like Stevia and Erithrytol instead of questionable artificial options like aspartame and acesulfame potassium.

I don't see myself using another pre-workout supplement any time in the near future. 


By Lauren0944 on January 7, 2014
Flavor Name: Fruit Punch
I had started working out about 6 months ago and have been following the seller of this line, Mike Matthews ever since.
Let me start by saying that this guy is an amazing person to follow if you want to workout the right way. He's VERY helpful and supportive of your gains and encourages you in times when you may have losses. I personally follow him on Facebook and he responds to every question that I ask.

Now, to the product at hand. I received this product from Mike as soon as it came out on the market. The suggested dose is two scoops before a workout but I typically only have one scoop. My husband and I both find that it gives us a substantial amount of energy! If you're wondering about this...I am 5'5 and 145. My husband is 6'2 and 220.

Pulse gives us the energy we need to get in a fantastic workout and not feel the crash that most energy supplements do. Not only do I feel energized for my workout but I find that I feel energized all day. I also appreciate the fact that Mike backs up his products by research that he does and even provides links in his articles and on his website: [...]

The taste I will warn, does take a little getting used to. I put my one scoop in 8 oz. of water and just down it.

OVERALL, Pulse is a MUST BUY product. I will be posting more reviews on his other products as well that my husband and I have
An interesting Review I found. 

Nectar of the Gods

By Devin C on March 14, 2016
Flavor Name: Green Apple Verified Purchase
Last Saturday was the first time I used Pre-Workout since early 2015. I took about a year off from pre-workout, because I thought it was messing with my sleep cycle.

So, they say 90% of Heroin overdoses happen because once a sober addict relapses, they use the typical dosage that used to get them high back when they were chasing the dragon on the reg. Their bodies don't have quite the tolerance they once had, and a sudden high-dosage rocks the system and they're on a Mach-3 bullet-train to being dead.

Anyhow, that's pretty much what happened to me this past Saturday. I woke up at 8:00 am sharp, dying to light the fire before my morning fasted-cardio. I grabbed by tub of engine powder (I got green-Apple, which is great because it reminds me of this candy I used to buy from BlockBuster as a kid), and threw a few rounded scoops into my water and chugged it down in front of the mirror.

Game time, baby.

Except, right there on the label it says not to exceed two scoops of this high-octane jet fuel. Which I think I may have doubled.

The drive to the gym was interesting, because I was already sweating and my face felt like it was wrapped around a skull made of boiling magma.

I got to the gym around 8:35--or at least I think I did. I'm not sure, because my brain had entered a timeless 4th dimension of consciousness, and the only thing I could see was mile-long treadmills and mountains of weight stations.

I figured at this point, I may be in the market of burning off some of this energy before I blasted off into orbit. I chose a treadmill, which I typically hate doing, and began to run.

1 mile down. "Humph. That usually makes me tired..."

2 miles down. "I should pick up the speed!"

4 miles in. "This isn't hard enough I need a bike."

I jumped off the treadmill and euphorically skipped over to the stationary bikes, where I decided to pedal in the highest resistance until I could hear color and smell sound.

I got off the bike and realized that I had burned off enough energy to maybe be ready to de-evolve into a normal person again... But as soon as I caught my breath, I was hungry for what was next.

I murdered my leg-day so brutally that Netflix wants to do a mini-series about it.

I worked out twice more that day because I had the energy to. I also cleaned my apartment, worked on a jigsaw puzzle, won an argument with my girlfriend, and lost my wallet.

Not sure if that last part was relevant, but I took some more of this Pulse preworkout like 15 minutes ago and it kicked in like half way through this.

Rating: 9.89/10 heart murmurs