World Record Knee Wraps         ( formerly Lilliebridge)

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-Length 119in
-Width 3in
-Weight 14.88
-10in Stretch Test - 15in
 These are are some of the Most popular wraps out right now and for good reason. The have a good amount of Cast and rebound. Overall Spec wise these are a lot like the Strangulators in many ways.  They have a little more stretch to them, as my Strangulators have a good year or more on them and they both pulled a 15in on my 10in Stretch Test.

I can tell you, you would not be disappointed in these at all. I really don't think Lilliebridge would put his name on a product if it wasn't great. 

The first wrap or two they dig into the skin and is a little painful, but in a good way. As always I will recommend the 3M, but many Federations don't allow 3M. So check your rule books before ordering. 
What others have Said

Great Wraps
Love These wraps!!!! have went up close to 30# on my gym PR's since starting using them! They are a great mix of extremely stiff cast type wraps and still have a big rebound out of the hole.

Amazing wraps albeit uncomfortable at firs
Amazing stopping power and rebound out of the hole. It is pretty uncomfortable at first but very well worth it.

Coach / athlete
These wraps are excellent. When they are new they are very stiff but after a few squat sessions they are strong yet give excellent rebound out of the bottom and great support through out the lift. There is a learning curve with these wraps so I would not suggest them for new lifters.

be fore warned, they arent forgiving
When you first get these wraps, they are going to feel like a cast, hard to stretch, and even harder to wrap your legs in. Break them in with a few good squat sessions before putting to use on a maximal squat. But as the title states, these bad boys will NOT be nice to you, if you can take the pain, they will give you the rebound you're looking for. Love the wraps

Lilliebridge Knee Wraps
HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Great product! Prior to buying these, we had been using the green Iron Rebel Outlaw wraps. Now, we only use these. Note: When we first bought them, they bit really hard on both my husband's and my legs, but after the second, they didn't bite as hard and you get used to how they feel in comparison to other wraps