Ricochet Knee Wraps
by Loaded Lifting 2.5M


Weight - 12oz
Length - 93.5in
Width - 2-7/8in
Thickness - 4.1mm
10in Stretch Test - 16.5in
Loaded Lifting is a Powerlifting Company from Down Under and well known in Australia. They are a company ran by Strength Athletes for Strength Athletes. This is what I like to read about a company. Means they are out to produce and provide the best gear for any strength athlete.

The Ricochet Knee wraps are Very thick, but very light and a Good Rebound Style Wraps. Excellent Wrap for a beginner that wants to try a more aggessive wrap. These where not painful in anyway, even when super tight. Which is way I would recommend them for a beginner or novice lifter. With that said even the most experience lifter can get big poundage out of these. These are a great all around wrap for any lifter. 

They have a Slight Casting effect when cranked down. So you will get a little stopping power from them, but they are more suited for a Neutral to Narrow Stance Squatter. These work well with any speed of decent.

These worked pretty well for me and I have a semi wide stance. I did Nailed a 15lb PR first time wearing these. These are Nice Heavy -Meduim Strength Knee Wrap.

The Chart Below shows more stopping power the Rebound, but I'd have to correct that and say they are closer to a 50/50 wrap now.
A little reverse band work using Red mini Bands and Loaded Lifting Knee wraps