This last Summer I had the chance to install a product that seemed to get over looked by everyone. I've spent so much time on the forums, but have yet to see anyone install one or even talk about one....What am I talking about?

RK Sports 2005-2010 Dodge Charger Trunk Filler... You know the ledge on your rear bumper and trunk? That same spot that catches dirt before anything else does. 

Well here is the best fix for it. The RK Sport Trunk filler mounts to the trunk lid and fills that gap in. Matches up with the factory lines and gives off a clean smooth look. It attaches with double sided tape and can be installed in 30min. 

Not much to really report on this. Pictures speak a million words here. I can give one tip thou. Make sure to clean and remove any wax you have on the paint before install. 
When it arrived and I opened the box up. It was well packaged and showed no sign of Damage. The Trunk filler comes primed and just needs a light sanding and cleaned before painting. 
Notice the nice Dirty rear bumper. Added the Trunk filler and it automatically makes it look cleaner and it's not even painted yet.
Just another angle with and without.
Once the paint dies. Apply the double sided tap and place it on the trunk. Once you get it on. Tape down the corners to make sure they stuck well. Leave the tape on for a while. The edges of the Trunk filler and be a pain. If you can't keep the down. Just clean the trunk and apply new tape and try again. Took me to tries at it.
Come out the next Day and Removed the Tape.