Roadwire Automotive Leather Interiors

Since I bought my car new in 2010, I’ve put so much work into it. This past year completely transformed it. Wide Body kit, Custom bumpers and one of a kind custom paint. These things really set it apart from other Dodge Chargers, BUT my interior was not up to par with the rest of my car. At car shows I always had my dark tinted windows rolled up to help hide my boring interior. Don’t get me wrong. My interior was clean, no Stains or Rips. I always kept it clean. It just had boring cloth seats. I’ve always wanted leather seats and looked everywhere and researched everything online.

At first I started looking at salvage yards for wreaked Chargers with nice Leathers. Every time I thought I found a set. There would be something wrong with them still. Small tear or more wear then I was comfortable with. Especially for the prices they wanted for them still. Also I couldn’t find anything local, so I couldn’t see them in person and had to rely on pictures. Buying something like this without seeing it with my own eyes was another issue I didn’t want to deal with.  
After a few failed attempts dealing with so called “3D form fitted seat covers”.  I never was happy. No matter what options I paid for, or material I upgraded to, or money I spent. None of them fit right, mainly at the top corners of the seats and looked loose. On top of that they always looked cheap and when I mean cheap I mean Wal-Mart clearance section cheap. Even if I spent over $300. They always looked like a downgrade not an upgrade.

Now since I’ve had my car for 10yrs and have always wanted leather. I’ve been researching different companies off and on since day one. I bet I read 1,000s of reviews and threads on many different car forums. What pushed me over the top was these 2 things. First was Roadwire has been doing this for nearly 50yrs, that’s 5 decades and kept in the family for 3 generations. One of the first, if not the first to offer custom interiors to dealerships. If you’re reading this, then you have been doing much of the same research I have. You’ve looked at Katzkin and maybe even Clazzio. Clazzio has barely been in the game for 10yrs. Plus they are a seat cover. As they just slip over your existing seats and I’ve gone down that path before. Wasn’t going to do that again. So I was down to Katzkin and Roadwire, both had many great reviews and tons of install pictures online. What gave that finally push over the edge? Was a comment I read on a forum I’m on a lot. The guy who made the comment. Has built some nice cars for SEMA over the years. He started off with Katzkin and was happy too, BUT then switched to Roadwire. He stated that the Roadwire seats were superior in every way. Fit, Finish and quality of leather was all superior. He provided pictures as well. He was the only review I saw where someone had firsthand experience with both brands with pictures.
His statement made up my mind. So I got in contact with Roadwire and discussed what I was looking for. I didn't want something over the top. I needed something elegant and fancy without overpowering. What we came up with was the perfect balance to match this build. Black Leather, Blue Perforated Centers, Blue contrast Stitching and some Double stitched diamond pattern added. 

About 10 days later, had new seats in my hands. Roadwire found a local installer for me to drop my car off at. I’ve never trusted my car with anyone. I’ve done all my own work and maintenance on my car. So to say the least I was a bit nervous. Roadwire picked RMS Auotmotive to do my install. It’s about a 20min drive from my house, but is on my way home from work. So I dropped my car off on a Wednesday Morning and had it back Thursday. RMS even sent me a picture of one the seats installed. To let me know my install was going well and seats look good. Glad he did too. I was able to relax and finally feel more excited about the finally results, then nervous.  As you can see from these pictures all went very well.

(For RMS Automotive's info. Go the bottom of this page.)
Here are some before and afters. As you can see from the picture of my Fronts Cloth seats. I kept my car in perfect shape. Especially for being 10yrs. You might wonder why the original back seat picture looks so rough. Well those are not my originals. Mine came with a sold rear seat with no console. I found the one in the picture for $20 at a pick-n-pull salvage yard. I wasn't going to cover my original solid rear seat with fancy new leather. This $20 Donor seat was perfect for this.
If you happen to be reading this and are in the Springfield, Mo Area. Here is RMS Auotmotive Contact info and website.


211 W Erie St
Springfield, MO 65807