SABO Deadlift
When it comes to Deadlifting shoes, not many companies make a shoe designed just for deadlifts in mind.  Besides your basic Deadlift slipper, I can really only think of two off the top of my head. Reeboks TR Lite and these SABO’s, both the Reebok and SABO’s are improvements from Shoe designs we have been using for years. The Reeboks look like they started with a Chuck Taylor and then improved on that basic design with Powerlifters in mind. Then slapped Crossfit on the sides for marketing. The SABO’s look like they started with a Wrestling shoe and made their own improvements.
The SABO’s Deadlifts looks a lot like a wrestling shoe in many ways and rightly so. Wrestling shoes have been used for many years because of their thin soles. The problem with wrestling shoes is the lack of side support. When deadlifting in a Sumo stance you try and spread the floor by pushing out with your feet as you bring the bar up. When you start pushing against the walls of the wrestling shoes, they start to roll and give some. SABO made their Soles wrap up farther around the Heels and Toe box area. This gives a stiffer side wall to push against. Another improvement SABO added was the Straps over the foot. The lower strap really is the only usefully one. When tighten down it really does help tighten and lock your foot in. The upper strap doesn’t do much. It’s too high to keep your laces secure and gives too much to tighten anything down.
I’ve been using these SABO’s for a couple of months now and I really like them. Huge improvement from slippers and going bare foot, If you’re like me and train in Sumo and Conv. Stance deadlifts.
Pro’s:  Thin Soles (2mm-5mm), Lateral straps, reinforced side walls around heel and toe box. Priced about the same as the Reeboks TR Lites.
Con’s: Cost is about twice as much as wrestling shoes, soles could be improved.
The only con I can come up with is the Soles Shape and pattern. I think SABO could learn a thing from the Reeboks on that. The SABO’s sole pattern seems to be a close copy of the Asics wrestling shoes. The soles are thin, but they could be flatter which would provide more surface contact for better traction. I believe a pattern more like Reeboks would also provide more traction as well. See all the small circular patterns on the Reeboks makes for tons of edges to grip the floor. A lot like siping on a Cars tire to improve traction on icy and wet conditions. The siping creates more edges to grab the surface. The small circular pattern creates tons of usable edges from any angle. That gives it great traction on many surfaces. The SABO’s grip pretty well, but there is room for improvements. I think if SABO made these changes. They would be the Best deadlifting shoe hands down no questions asked.
The last thing to bring up is the Sizing. It can be a little confusing on which size to go with. The chart below and the steps on their website makes it easier. I wear a size 10US in mens for my normal daily sneakers. Since you want these a little tighter. Go with a 1/2 smaller then your normal sneakers. I went with a 42 and it's a perfect fit.