SABO Sports
SABO PowerLift Shoes
If you’re looking for premium Squat shoe, but don’t want to pay that $200 price tag. These just might be the answer for you. The SABO PowerLift comes in at $119. You can order straight from Sabo Sports in Russia or you can go to
Quick Spec’s
  • The upper is made with a high quality durable synthetic leather and breathable mesh.
  • A new ultra-modern non-marking outsole based on the Sabo Power Platform (SPP).  The SSP system brings some flexibility to the forefoot, while being rock solid in the heel.  
  • Two multi-directional straps lock your foot and ankle firmly into the shoe.  Sleeves on the strap loops ensure a tight lock.
  • An effective heel height of 0.77 inches, the diagram below shows heel dimensions for each size.   (Effective heel height is calculated as H2 - H5).  The broken H2/H5 line is where the foot sits in the shoe.
  • Heel made of plastic polymers, making the heel light weight, but super strong and non-compressible.
  • Light weight - size 42EUR comes in at 17 ounces.
  • High wings of the outsole add extra support.
  • Designed to be used for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit and Girevoy Sport.
Do I really need a shoe just for Squats?  The simple answer is YES. If you want add a FREE 10lbs to you Squat, and then you want these. The combination of a raised heel for greater Hip, Knee and ankle flexibility, the Solid Sole for 100% power transfer to the floor and the Large Flat Sole for Grip, All add up to easier Squats.
A closer look at the shoes features.
The PowerLift has two Metatarsal Straps. They tighten down in opposite directions like the Nike Romaleos 2’s, but the PowerLift straps are not too long like the Nike’s. Adidas only uses one Strap. I’m not sure how much having the 2nd strap over the toe box actually helps, but I see no reason how it would hurt. I can say that these SABO Powerlifts shoes do tighten up nicely and keep your foot secure.
The Overall design of the Soles look very similar to the Nike’s Bridged Design, but without cutting a pair up, that’s about all I can say really. The toe area of the sole does flex much better than the Nikes.
Since the SABO’s cost almost $100 cheaper than the similar Nike or Adidas shoes. I can tell you they will hold up just fine and will last you years and get the job done. They do look a little cheaper made then the Nike’s or Adidas’s, but they are also half the price.
Pro’s: Cost is very good compared to competition. Everything you’re looking for in shoe to perform well is implemented. The weight of the shoe is much lighter and more Flexible then the Nike Romaleos 2. The toe box isn’t too wide and is avg. sized. The SABO has two metatarsal straps and a Solid non-compression raised heel.
Con’s: Material Used and overall Stylish look. Both of these can be opinions as well (and even Pro’s). The material used is cheaper and doesn’t look or breathe as well, but on the flip side of that. That brings done cost and they are well put together. I don’t see any manufacture errors on these shoes. The last con is the look, the design just lacks style. It makes them look a bit dated. Add that to the cheaper material used and they just don’t have the look and feel of the $200 shoes.
So if you keep in mind they are not top of the Line and (the price does reflect this) they use synthetic leather. This are not the top of the line, but I do believe these are the best for the Money.