Lifting large
Savage Knee Sleeves
I’m always looking for the best bang for the buck on Gym Gear. I first tried a cheap pair of so called 7mm sleeves I found off a china based retailer site. I noticed many other sites were using those same Sleeves, just rebranded was all. So I took a chance on them. I was happy with them till I was given a chance to try the New Savage Sleeves from Lifting Large. Huge difference, the Savage Sleeves are better in every way.
The Savages are well made and will last. I have been using them for months now just about every day and they look like they will hold up for a long time. The Neoprene used on these seems much denser then the China brand ones I have. Both are 7mm, but the Savages feel thicker and provide more support and more warmth.
Sizing: I would suggest ordering a Size down for a tighter fit. When I measured my knee I was right in the middle of the Sizing for the Large. Which happened to be listed for 181-220lbs body weight and my weight floats in the 180’s. Don’t get me wrong here.  I don’t have any real problems, besides maybe pulling them up once in a while. I just think a size down would provide even more support and stay in place that much better.
Above you can see the two thick cords sewn down the Seams on the sides and the Slight Curve to the Sleeves.  
A Close up of the inside and outside. You can see how well made they are.
If you’re in the market for Knee Sleeves, but don’t want to spend $100 and want something better then the cheap china ones. I highly recommend you try these.

Knee Sleeves
7mm thick heavy duty neoprene 
All sizes are 30cm in length
No more binding behind the knee.
Pre-curved design matches the joint function
Keep your knees supported, warm and safe the entire workout.
We searched for almost a year to find the right knee sleeve to meet our own requirements. With almost 40 years of combined powerlifting experience we knew what we wanted to keep our knee's warm and safe. We found it in the Xena knee sleeve. Heavy duty performance at modest price. You will be surprised how good your knee's can feel again